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Title: Heartbeat
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Word Count: 6,339
Summary: Completly AU. What would you do for love. Warning for character deaths and angst.{. I couldn’t move much and I could barely think, but when the doctor told me I needed a heart transplant I was suddenly very aware of what that meant. I was going to die..}
A/N:Not Beta'd so I appologise for any spelling mistakes there may be. I like the ending as is, but if people want an epilogue ask and ye shall recieve.

There are probably trillions of people in this world and people tell me that there’s just one person destined for me, my soulmate. Well I did the math, and the probability that I would ever find that one person was almost inconsequential. I may have believed in soul mates, but I certainly never believed I would ever meet mine. Until of course I met her, in the most unusual way actually. This is my story.

Throughout high school I was the head bitch and top cheerleader for the best squad in the world, who in my five years at high school managed five national titles and a further four international titles. Add that to the awards they won before and after my time at McKinley and damn right I jumped at the chance to take over from Coach Sylvester. It didn’t get me out of the nowhere town but I loved my job, I was great at my job and I single handedly managed to carry on the coach’s stellar winning streak. Anyway I’m getting off track; you don’t need to hear about my many accomplishments, those are for another story, due in all good bookshops pretty soon actually.

The point is that as a cheerleader I was always active, always in peak physical condition and that never changed right through my college days and my currently short career as coach. Until things started to go very very wrong. It all started with lethargy, which I managed to disguise pretty well until it got to the point that I couldn’t get out of bed without Quinn dragging me out. Then not long after was the breathlessness, that one was near impossible to cover up especially when I could barely make it through one cheerio’s routine without problems. Quinn found out when I collapsed in the middle of practice and she happened to be the teacher her students ran to. She was in the middle of glee club rehearsal at the time, and if there’s one good thing about my little episode is that I did manage to break up glee club, if only for one lesson. Sue Sylvester would have been proud of me.

Quinn marched me straight to the hospital, well carried me to the hospital because it soon became apparent that my ability to walk had temporarily left me. She never left my side even when I grew sick of this constant string of tests that were getting us nowhere and started to slip into what she called my high school persona, in other words a safer term for bitch because she refused to swear. Quinn Fabray was always and is always going to be a confusing person, I swear sometimes she gave me whiplash. She was the good little daddy’s girl who got so drunk every weekend she had to be carried home, she was the captain of the celibacy club who managed to get pregnant in her junior year, she was in Glee Club in high school and still managed to be pretty damn popular and finally she had the dirtiest most suggestive mind, but she refused to swear. I just thought you needed to know about her, she’s my best friend after all.

By the time the doctor sat me down for my diagnosis, I was a little too freaked out about the final load of tests preoccupation with my heart. I was active and healthy, how could it be my heart. When words like heart failure and heart attacks were thrown around Quinn gripped my hand tighter and I switched off, I know it was my diagnosis, but in those few minutes I had never been as scared and so I did what I do best I ran. I might not have ran physically but mentally, spiritually I wasn’t there anymore. Quinn was my angel in disguise, my saviour or whatever you want to call it and in the spirit of our unconventional friendship I would rather die than tell her.

It was Quinn who sorted everything out, It was Quinn who planned every meticulous detail of my day. Thankfully I was still allowed to go to work, because physical activity happened to be good for my heart and my job included a fair amount of it. Quinn still kept a very close eye on me both at school where she moved glee club practice to a classroom that overlooked the practice field and at home where without even asking she just moved in to the spare bedroom. She escorted me home from work one day and all her things were in boxes just piled up around my apartment. She was lucky I was tired that day, she was also lucky that I was secretly glad I had her close, lessen the chance of me dying. Unfortunately even Quinn can’t stop the inevitable, especially when my typical reaction to fear reared its ugly self destructive head.

It would have been a normal day if not for the nightmares that plagued my mind that night, always to do with my heart and always to do with my eventual death. The thing I remember most about those dreams, even now is not the imagery or the reactions on the faces of everybody I knew, it was the overwhelming, intense feeling that I didn’t want to die. The rest of the day carried on like normal but I couldn’t shake that feeling, I couldn’t get my death out of my head. It got so bad that I let my Cheerio’s go home early and made unsteady steps towards the school. I barely got three steps when my chest tightened and I had to fight for air. I couldn’t stop myself falling to my knees as I clawed at my chest, desperate for it to just let me breathe. This was it, this was my nightmare.

I woke up to a gentle pressure on my hand and the irregular but steady bleeping of some sort. It was a battle but when I managed to open my eyes I found myself in a hospital hooked up to all these different tubes and machines. My muddled sleep deprived mind thought at first that the white sterile walls indicated the afterlife and I felt the familiar tug of my panic until the pressure on my hand intensified and I realised that it was another hand, a hand attached to the welcome sight of Quinn. She looked quite a mess, with her makeup streaking down her face, puffy red eyes and big fat tears dripping onto the floor. I’d been friends with Quinn since kindergarten before we became a duo and I’d never seen her cry.

I wanted to tell her to pull herself together, that she would never pull a hot doctor looking like that but I couldn’t, instead I squeezed her hand back the best I could and let tears work their way down my cheeks too. I couldn’t move much and I could barely think, but when the doctor told me I needed a heart transplant I was suddenly very aware of what that meant. I was going to die. If I was a great cheerleader I was even better with numbers and insane random facts, and when my grandfather had his heart attack I spent his entire recovery learning and passing on to him heart related facts. There was one I never did have the heart to tell him, one that I was painfully aware of was that there was a distinct shortage of hearts and the number that could be compatible with a single person was only greater than finding your soulmate. Actually there were around 2,000 heart transplants done in America every year, and of those thousands waiting for a heart 35% would die before getting a heart. It was sad really, how I would soon join that 35%.

It was my second day in hospital and I was fading fast when the place suddenly sprang to life, body’s were coming in left right and centre with a thousand different injuries and probably just as many casualties. As beds empty beds began to fill up every available space Quinn told me that it was a bomb, a probable terrorist attack, which made little sense because really come on it was a nowhere town in Lima, Ohio. We never did go into more detail because a bed was pushed rather rudely against my own and on it was a woman around the same age as me. I think she was blonde, but the mass amount of blood covering her made it near impossible to tell. Still I couldn’t keep my eyes of her, she was beautiful, even with such severe injuries and had this been any other situation say had I met her in a bar then I would have undoubtedly ask her out. As it was speaking was beyond my capabilities and defiantly beyond hers.

She was joined moments later by a small distraught looking brunette, who grabbed hold of her bloody hand and leant gingerly over her body begging her to wake up. Suddenly her eyes flickered open and her blue eyes met my own stunned face. Her eyes were probably the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I wanted to laugh because maybe they had a point with the whole soul mate thing, because even as we both lay probably dying I was sure I was looking at mine. Maybe she was thinking the same thing because her mouth formed a small smile before she turned her eyes to the brunette who only held on tighter and wept.

Her head dropped to the side to face me and the smile was still there, and I had a feeling that before all this her smile would have been a thing of beauty, maybe it would have even lit up anyone who saw it. I wanted to live, I wanted her to live if only to see her smile. Her mouth moved slowly, but no sound came out and I wondered what she could possibly have to say. Gritting her teeth she tried again, “Br...ittt.a....ny.” Her friend shot up quickly in an attempt to stop her talking, I don’t know why but maybe she thought that by not talking she could somehow be saved. Maybe she could, I hoped she could, but at least I had her name. Brittany. The polite thing to do would have been to offer my own back, but I hadn’t managed to speak since my heart attack, though not for lack of trying. Still if Brittany could do it, then I was going to do it, I was not one to be one upped. It took a while for me to compose myself and gather up the energy to even begin forcing myself to do it, but I managed if barely “S....San...San..tan...a.”

Her smile intensified and maybe I smiled too, I certainly like to think I did. The effect transferred over to Quinn who reluctantly began a conversation with the other girl, the unknown entity, the hobbit, apparently more commonly known as Rachel. I had barely known her two minutes and already she had managed to piss me off, now if only I could do something about it. But Quinn seemed to like her, trust her even, and quicker than I could destroy any high schooler Quinn had told her everything about my little situation, everything including what I had for breakfast and blood type. Actually as I listened to them I got the impression that Quinn maybe more than liked Frodo and maybe the Frodo liked her back. I was sort of happy for her, because with Frodo she would at least have somebody when I was gone and then I was happier because I didn’t have to stick around to listen to her.

A strange sort of cross between a cough and a choke pulled Rachel back to Brittany’s bed and my attention to my blonde companion. I watched with a heavy heart as her face twisted in pain and she buried her face into the side of Rachel’s neck. I didn’t want to die, but If my dying meant she could live then I would gladly do it. Not bad for somebody who doesn’t do relationships and is inherently selfish. Rachel’s face was just as pained as Brittany’s and the tears had once again begun to make their way down her face. Rachel stepped back and just looked at Brittany in this wierd sort of way, like they were communication with a look and it was fascinating, especially when Rachel’s look seemed to say are you sure, please don’t do this. She was gone in a flash, saying nothing to Quinn but settling her eyes on me, I felt like I was being judged and maybe I was.

When Rachel came back a minute later she had three doctor’s in tow. After a quick check of her charts one of the doctors split away and headed back into the corridor while the other two manoeuvred her bed out of the room and away from me. Rachel stayed behind a little longer to hug Quinn and even more strangely to simply smile at me. It riled me up good and I had to appreciate her god given ability to piss me off. Then she left the room and I had no idea if I would ever see any of them again, because Brittany was no doubt in surgery well on the way to getting better. She had to be getting better.

It was well into the early hours of the morning when another doctor entered the room this time with news that would change my world. I had a heart, an exact match, I was going to live.

When I woke up It was obvious the operation had been a success. Things were going to be hard, but I was going to live. Scratch that I was going to get out of this hospital bed and find my Brittany. There was one single major flaw in my plan, I could manage about as much movement as I could before going in for the operation. I was confined to the bed, with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. Quinn had long been sent out with a mission to find either Brittany or Rachel, but each time she came back without them only to be sent back. I was single minded in that respect but can you blame me. I was alive even when statistics said it was unlikely, and I was positive id even managed to find my soul mate. I was riding high and I wasn’t about to let Quinn’s incompetence stop me.

By the time I was ready to leave the hospital Quinn had still found no trace of them, so I took it upon myself to find out. Turns out Quinn wasn’t so incompetent it was the damn hospital staff with their patient confidentiality rules and non family crap. I think they were surprised that somebody who had just had a heart transplant could fight back and argue with the passion that I had. But what can I say. I’m a Lopez. Still it was strange how the two had just disappeared of the face of the planet, because even after I recovered and settled back into my old routine I still could find no trace of them.


Two years after my operation and I still searched the country for Brittany, hell even Rachel would do at that point in my life. I had tried everything, ads, private eyes, police to name a few and surprisingly nothing worked. I would have written it off as an hallucination had Quinn not agreed that they were indeed real and she had actually held a conversation with Rachel. Two years, four months and seventeen days since I last saw her and two years, four months and nineteen days till I managed to lay eyes on her again.

Quinn had taken me out for a few drinks, or should I say she took herself out for a few drinks while I sat miserably with a glass of whatever non alcoholic drink she had ordered. Two fucking years and I was still on a no alcohol policy. It was literally hell. So I removed myself to the bathroom and away from Quinn and her oh so tempting alcohol. The bathroom strangely enough was empty so I locked the door and sat myself on one of the toilets. I thought I was hallucinating when a laugh came from inside the room, it was empty, I had checked and the one toilet that was closed had a do not use sign on it. Walking out of the stall I chanced a glance and I was as alone as when I first came in. I let out a sigh and moved over to the sink, letting the icy cold water trickle over my hands, I splashed a good amount on my face followed by another two for good measure. When I looked back up through the mirror there was the source of the laughter leaning slightly against the closed toilet door arms crossed and smile on her face. It was exactly as I remembered it was going to be.

I spun round with a smile as my eyes met her blue ones, which were even more amazing that when I saw them last because they had a sparkle I had no idea was going to be there. “Hey Santana. You got better” she sort of looked like she wanted to jump in my arms and just hug me to death, which I would totally be open to, but something obviously held her back. I moved to hug her but she ducked out of the way, arms wrapped surprisingly tightly around her chest. She looked sheepish and apologetic and the I’m sorry rolled of her lips so quietly I wasn’t sure if I imagined it. Still I could sort of understand, I was in all fairness a stranger who she had met once, not an old friend who shared something in common with her. So I did something I had never done before, I apologised. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have you know tried to hug you. But I did get better, it seems you did as well.” The smile that crossed her face was unlike any she had given before, much bigger and much brighter than a smile should be. She even unfolded her arms to shrug her shoulders in response to me. “Isn’t Quinn waiting for you, it’s not nice to leave her all alone. Even if say a hot blonde corners you in the bathroom.” I laughed, for the first time in a long time it was actually genuine, but I had to acknowledge that she was right I couldn’t leave Quinn on her own, but I couldn’t leave Brittany without the possibility of seeing her again. “Don’t worry Santana. You’ll see me again. That I promise” she spoke as she closed the distance between us, her face came less than an inch from mine and I thought in that moment she would kiss me. I closed my eyes in anticipation but all she did was giggle and blow on my face. “Now go keep Quinn company.” I nodded and unlocked the door before stepping back into the bar and a long line of rather angry people. I just flipped them the bird before heading back to Quinn, chancing another look behind me at the blonde who never followed me out.

Quinn was smiling like an idiot when I returned, a smile that was also apparently on my face too, so we spent the rest of the night teasing each other without specifics while I kept my gaze on the bathroom waiting for the blonde to come out. When she had failed to exit by the time we were leaving for home, I went back to the bathroom once more but she wasn’t in there. She had to have slipped out when I wasn’t watching the door; trouble was I can’t remember taking my eyes of them.


I saw Brittany six times after that. Once in the street rather late at night, four times in bathrooms of various different restaurants and bars and another once in the deserted parking lot of my favourite bar, which I had stayed in after hours. Each encounter was pretty much a copy of the last. We meet, flirt, have a very basic conversation and then we leave, or I leave and Brittany just disappears. I found she’s really quite good at that, and I really only ever bump into her when she wants me to and were always alone. She’s a mystery, but she’s one I don’t mind spending time solving.

The seventh time I meet her I change the game a little, I press for details, I press for more. She’s always skittish around details concerning her and any intimacy where touching is required, so I step as close as I can without touching her and I ask her for a date, just one date. She looks surprised for a moment and then her face falls, and she looks so sad I want to reach out and touch her. “I want to go out on a date with you, but I really shouldn’t and I can’t. There are all sorts of reasons why I can’t. But I want to Santana, more than anything.” The rejection should hurt, but I can’t help but focus on the I want to and the more than anything. It’s all the encouragement I need, because Santana Lopez always get’s the girl.

And I did get the girl, or at least got the girl to agree to go out on a date with me. Brittany want’s more of a quite night in away from everybody, but I want to show her off and nothing less that the best restaurant will do. She looks sort of sad, but it’s disguised by this aura of happiness that threatens to engulf everything. I want to spend the rest of my life helping her keep this aura up because it is beautiful. The next time we speak it’s only briefly, but were stood close enough together that we could actually be touching and I notice Brittany has to stop herself reaching out to touch me on more than one occasion. I give her a date and time and skip off feeling happier than I have before.


I’ve been sat waiting in the restaurant for the best part of two hours. I looked amazing in a one shouldered red dress and killer heels and the endless supply of breadsticks kept me entertained. Now if only Brittany had showed up, things would have been perfect.
Dejectedly I paid what little bill there was and headed back out to my car where I was going to put on some extra sad music and cry my heart out. Heartbreak felt so much worse than actual heart failure. At least in the end I was prepared for it, this I wasn’t prepared for. Brittany was so happy, so looking forward to it, her no show made no sense. Or it would have if I actually knew the girl beyond what little conversation we had already had. When I reached m car she was surprised to find it unlocked, I was even more surprised to find an unhappy looking blonde dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie. Ok so she was a little late, but she was here and that’s all that mattered. I climbed in the car beside her, shutting it behind me. I didn’t turn to look at her and she didn’t turn to look at me, but she spoke anyway. “You look great Santana; you look more than great you look amazing, beautiful. I’m sorry about not turning up at the restaurant, I really wanted to, so badly. I can’t do this San. Whatever it is we’re doing it has to stop. All this flirting, I can’t do it anymore. I’m falling for you and that’s impossible. It won’t work. You have to understand. Please understand.”

But I couldn’t understand, she liked me, she could even love me and she wouldn’t do anything about it. I was willing, I wanted her just as much and more importantly I knew I would do anything to make this work. I turned to stare out the car window so she wouldn’t see the tears, so she couldn’t see the heartbreak, so she couldn’t see the resolve. I was going to fight for her, I was going to make her see. Yet when I turned to face her she was gone, nothing but a memory and a wet patch on my dashboard.


I cried harder than I ever have before, I didn’t even feel the need to put sad music on to drown out the sound of my heavy sobs. I was still sobbing when I reached Quinn’s apartment, banging on her door furiously I swear I heard a swear word echo through the door as it clicked and swung open. I looked a mess, and surprisingly so did Quinn, with her shirt half open, lipstick marks around her face and one or two bruises that looked like they could be love bites. I knew exactly what I had interrupted and before I could turn and walk away Quinn had her arms around me and I was once again sobbing violently. Quinn managed to pull me into her apartment and dump me on the couch next to her make out partner who looked suspiciously like the Brittany’s hobbit.

Apparently Quinn’s ‘friend’ looked suspiciously like the hobbit because she was indeed the hobbit, and apparently the hobbit felt the need to comfort me too. Maybe at the moment I was a little grateful for the support of two people instead of one, but I knew when I got my emotions under control then I wasn’t going to be so thankful to the hobbit. When I woke up the next morning I couldn’t understand this rush of emotions, or this new way of coping because before I never fell for a girl and the only time I did when she broke my heart I went right out and had a couple of one night stands, and I got a little mean, I certainly didn’t cry.

It was well after five when I decided enough was enough and that Frodo would probably be gone by now anyway, which meant it was safe to get out of bed, maybe just run out and away from Quinn, because I most certainly would never live this down. Luck wasn’t on my side though because there they were sat cuddling on the couch facing towards me. They both looked to me and I tried to shut myself back in the bedroom until Quinn’s voice cut through me. “Don’t you dare S. You’re going to get your ass out here and explain to me why you were crying. I’m worried about you S.” Despite the anger in the beginning it was the utter desperation in her last few words that had me sitting Indian style next to her leaning as far into her as I could.

“I had a date last night. Somebody I really cared about and they broke my heart. Ok. Happy. Santana Lopez has a heart.” That was all the explanation I wanted to give, because saying her name would only hurt right now, and it didn’t help that her best friend was sat at the other side of Quinn, arm tightly around her waist. But Quinn and I had been friends for too long, we might not show it but we know more about each other than ourselves, including how to extract information. Quinn was particularly good at it, so with the right words she had the entire story about Brittany and each meeting right from the very first which she happened to witness. I didn’t realise Rachel was crying on the other side of Quinn, silent sobs that not even Quinn seemed to pick up on, sobs that according to Quinn were very out of character for the theatrical brunette.

When my story was done I turned to look at Quinn, who maybe had a tear or two and was shaking her head steadily and looking at me like she was worried for me. It was Rachel who broke the silence and it was then I realised she was crying, Quinn must have picked up on my confusion because she turned to Rachel who jumped up from the couch and headed towards the window. “It wasn’t Brittany, Santana. You couldn’t have seen Brittany” I scoffed and pulled myself to my feet, this little hobbit was calling me a liar and that I would not stand for, in any case her best friend broke my heart, “I know it was Brittany, I’m not stupid Rachel, and you god damn friend broke my heart, so don’t you tell me it wasn’t her. I hate her for that Rachel, I hate her for making me like this, For making me feel things.” The atmosphere changed than and Rachel’s sobs became loud hysterical bursts and I actually felt bad, I didn’t know why but I had hurt the hobbit. Quinn moved to comfort Rachel, but she was pushed away as Rachel turned towards me and I do not lie I have never seen so much anger in one person before and it was all directed at me.

“My god damn friend is dead Santana; she died that day in the hospital. She didn’t survive. And don’t you dare hate her, don’t you dare hurt her for making you feel. She might not have done it the way you said it but she gave you a heart Santana, she gave you her heart.” Both Quinn and I froze and Rachel’s eyes softened slightly as we considered the implications of what she just said. Brittany was dead, Brittany died. Brittany gave me a heart. I was confused, surely she couldn’t mean it the way I thought, and Brittany couldn’t have given me her actual physical heart. She just couldn’t have.

But Rachel continued “She was dying when she saw you, I don’t know if she knew that but I think she did. She liked you Santana, she wanted to live for you. Which I thought was ridiculous, I mean you’d only just met and you were both dying. I don’t know how she knew you were a perfect match, but what she whispered in my ear, it was heartbreaking. She wanted to give you her heart; she wanted to see if you were compatible. I didn’t want her to do it, you know. I mean there was still that chance she could pull through, but she insisted. She wanted you to live. You know what she was doing the last time I saw her, she was smiling. She could save your life Santana, and she did save your life. So don’t you dare say you hate her, because she gave up everything for you.”

I felt sick. I actually felt physically sick. Brittany, love of my life Brittany had died that day in the hospital. No she hadn’t died, she had given up her life to let me live. She had saved me. She had died. I felt more tears make their way down my face and I only had one question, one question that I needed answering. Where?

Brittany was buried in the local graveyard, I had got the directions of Rachel but she refused to accompany me. I think she might have hated me just a little, either that or being in my company was just a little too painful. Quinn didn’t come either and I understood why, my actions had opened wounds in Rachel that she had probably worked hard to try and close and maybe Quinn could help with that. I think it was probably best I went alone. When I got there I saw the headstone and more tears fought there way out of my eyes.

Here lies Brittany S Pierce
Loving Daughter, Best Friend
Amazing Dancer
You will be missed

Sitting down in front of the stone I let my fingers trail over the words as tears dripped onto the floor. She was a dancer and I think if I could have anything in the world I would want to see her dance. If her smile lit up the room then I was sure her dancing would be mesmerising, hypnotic even. There were few words on the stone each one of them described what the blonde was to somebody, but there was something missing I just couldn’t figure out what. Yes she was a loving daughter to somebody, the best kind of friend to Rachel and probably an amazing dancer, but she was also a hero. She was my hero and that’s what was missing. It took me a good while and several different stones, but when I’d finished there was a new word scratched not so neatly into the surface. Hero.

I was about to succumb to a fresh wave of tears when I sort of felt a hand near my shoulder. Standing up I felt a smile tug at my lips as the hand touched my shoulder before winding it’s way around the front of my chest to pull me in to a hug. “I’m sorry San. I’m sorry things turned out this way.” I shook my head and turned to face her, burying my face into her neck. She was cold, but this was sort of nice that I finally got to touch her. She pulled us both to the floor, still keeping me firmly against her body and settling me between her outstretched legs. “Brittney, am I going crazy.” She shook her head and released me, if only so I could look at her face and I sort of wish I didn’t. She looked so sad. “No San, you’re not crazy. I’m here.” I certainly did feel crazy, I was after all talking to a dead person, I had to ask “How is this even possible.”

She laughed and shrugged her shoulders, and I loved the sound of her laugh, it was almost like she was singing. “It’s easy San. I’m an angel. I asked to be a unicorn but they wanted me to be an angel. But that’s alright, I can cope with not being a unicorn because I get to be your angel.” I didn’t dare ask about unicorns, did they even exist, could you become a unicorn when you die. What the hell was all this unicorn stuff about. Then there was all this angel stuff, which in itself was hard to believe. I wanted to be crazy, oh how badly I wanted to be crazy, but there was something that told me that she wasn’t lying, that maybe angels do exist.

“Why did you do it Britt’s? Why did you give me your heart? You could have lived. There was a chance.” She didn’t laugh this time, but she did shrug and I wondered if maybe that’s all the answer was ever going to get. “I was going to die, maybe Rachel didn’t want to admit it but I was. The chance of me surviving was so small. I’m not very smart but you had a much greater chance of living. I’m not smart but I know which odds I would go for. But that’s just a small part of why. From the moment I opened my eyes Santana I think I loved you, love at first sight and all that. Soul mates you keep thinking and I think your right, my soul was destined to find yours and it did, but I think this time we met so I could save you, so you could live. My heart was always going to be yours Santana even before we met. I understood that the moment I saw you. I only gave you what was yours.”

My eyes closed as a fresh batch of tears started, and Brittany drew me closer to her. She saved my life, but I don’t think there was a life to save not without Brittany. “No Brittany you didn’t save my life. There wasn’t a life to save. You saved my body.” Her lips on mine cut me off before I could get any further and for the first time in my life I melted into a kiss. “You’re wrong San. So wrong. You just need time to see that.” I couldn’t believe her because she was wrong, I had no life before and I had no chance at life now. “San, tell me truthfully you didn’t want to die did you. When you first found out you didn’t want to die. You know what that tells me San. It tells me you were clinging on to life long before I came along. You resigned yourself to death and now you can’t imagine living. But you did San. You lived and you were beautiful, are beautiful.”

“Maybe your right. But what do I do now B. Will I ever see you again?” Wrapping her arms tighter she lifted us both into the air with an unholy amount of strength, setting me back on the ground she released me only to press a chaste kiss on my lips. “B, I like that. Don’t forget me San, we’ll see each other again.” With that she walked away, daring me to follow her, but I didn’t. I knew I would see her again, I had to we were soul mates. We wouldn’t allow it. I just had to figure out what to do now. There was a laugh and my eyes connected with Brittany’s for a final time as she replied to my thoughts.

“You live Santana. You live.”

Through Time Part 2

Title: Through Time
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Word Count: 10,324
Summary: AU Time Traveler!Britt. A look at Santana and Brittany's life where Brittany has a problem, she can travel through time. Based of The Time Travelers Wife {when I do go it’s almost always to you, like I find your soul every time. Were soul mates Santana, in the truest sense of the word.}
A/N:Based of the Time Travlers Wife, which I do not own, but I love anyway. Not Beta'd so I appologise for any spelling mistakes there may be.


It’s been three days since the hunting incident and Santana has actually forgot about it, she’s busy cleaning the house because the baby is restless and so is Santana. When everything’s done she wanders around the house a few times before pulling on her coat and heading in to town because she could do with a few bits and she’s sort of craving chicken. She doesn’t even get near the store before she sees something in the window and it reminds her of Brittany, a lovely light purple top with a neatly embroidered pattern and it’s so lovely that she doesn’t hesitate to buy it.

When she gets home she heads straight for the bathroom, only to take a detour through the kitchen where she can hear a light tapping sound. The tapping is coming from the window where out in the garden is a very cold and very naked Brittany. The baby kicks hard as Santana throws open the back door and launches herself into the blonde’s arm. Brittany’s not feeling as weak as usual so she catches Santana and spins her round, laughter cutting through the air because she’s so very happy to be home. “Santana, not that I didn’t miss you like crazy, but It’s not exactly summer I don’t think.”

Santana smiles and takes her by the hand, placing a quick kiss on her lips. It’s quite amusing to the Latina that she’s the one that has to separate them because as much as she wants to continue what they’re doing she doesn’t want Brittany to get sick and she herself is defiantly feeling the cold. When the door is shut firmly behind them Brittany heads straight over to the nearest source of heat and Santana hands her the pair of jeans that’s been sitting on the kitchen chair for the best part of  two weeks because Brittany is a slob and Santana didn’t have the heart to move them. Brittany pulls the jeans on and Santana hand her the top she’s just bought and she’s delighted to see the size of Brittany’s smile as she fingers the material before pulling it over her head. “How do I look.”


When Brittany comes back she’s holding the top that’s now a lovely deep purple and a pocketful of beads that she spends the next day trying to sow back on. When she’s finished she shows Santana the finished product and it’s not terrible, it has a certain charm about it until she remembers the top in the woods. It hit’s her then and she sinks to the floor tears making their way down her face, that day in the woods she did shoot something, she shot Brittany and even though Brittany’s never successfully taken her clothes, the similarity is too close to deny. Brittany’s on the floor with her immediately, wrapping her arms around her and apologising profusely for ruining the top because it was her favourite.

Santana remembers a discussion they had once about changing the future, her firm belief in the future is set in stone and she cries some more because she can’t believe it. She can’t believe that her life with Brittany is going to be over pretty soon if the top was any indication and she defiantly can’t believe that she’s the one to kill her. So she tries to change it, she begs and pleads and on one occasion even threatened Brittany into throwing the damn thing out. Only Brittany’s really rather fond of the top, so she shoves it in the bottom of the wardrobe because she’s never going to wear it again.

Santana goes into labour three hours later and her Brittany is by her side every step of the way. Santana’s panicked but she’s never seen Brittany this calm or collected, she’s never seen her this intelligent either because she’s doing things that even Santana can’t remember the nurse saying. It’s only after the birth, when little Quinn is in their arms that she finds out that it was Santana herself who gave Brittany the tips. But there’s all sorts of complicated thinking involved, so she remains content to sit and cuddle with Brittany and their daughter, time paradox’s be damned.


It’s been three years and Santana thinks that maybe the future can be changed because Brittany is still with them. Quinn is four years old now, and despite the impossibility she looks just like the two of them. Dark hair and tanned skin offset by the loveliest pair of blue eyes, she’s a good little dancer too. Things have never been better because Brittany’s been to see all sorts of specialists and the current one seems to be doing some good because her trips are becoming shorter and less frequent, but worryingly slightly more violent. She can always tell what happened, even when Brittany refused to say because sometimes she would come back with an injury or three and other she would look so serene and so happy asking Santana about her childhood and the blonde who used to have tea parties with her in the back yard. Santana smiles and indulges her because Brittany’s special and Brittany’s been her best friend all her life, she’s been in love with her since that first tea party when she was four, when an adult Brittany used to pretend to be an English Queen.

When she comes back from her latest trip Quinn is on her before Santana, but there’s a look in Brittany’s eyes that hint at tears threatening to spill out, she hugs Quinn tighter and whispers in her ear how proud of her she is and how no matter what she’ll always be there for her. Quinn places sloppy kisses over Brittany’s face so Santana slides her pinky into Brittany’s who gives it a reassuring squeeze before pulling them in to a three way hug.

That night when there laid in bed Brittany’s unusually quiet, so Santana asks her where she went. She stays quite for a moment before turning to face her, the ghost of a smile on her face. “It was the future, it was Quinn’s wedding day and she looked so beautiful Santana. You were there too, but you always look beautiful even with wrinkles.” Santana smiled because the future sounded like a happy place indeed, but she had to ask “what about you, where you there.” A frown finds its way to Brittany’s features and a tear escapes the corner of her eye, “Yes, well not the me from that time anyway. But I was there walking her down the aisle, and it was nice, oh San it was so nice.” Brittany stops talking then and cries into her shoulder for the rest of the night, when her sobs subside Brittany kisses her messily, slipping her hand under the waistband of Santana’s bottoms.

When there in their sleepily basking in the afterglow Brittany leans over and places a kiss to Santana’s forehead “I love you Santana, and no matter what I’ll be there. When it matters I’ll be there.” Santana responds by wrapping her arm around Brittany and dropping off into a steady sleep. When she wakes up the place next to her is still warm and Brittany’s underwear lay on the bed as if she just disappeared out of them. Santana knows she’s gone again and lets the tears fall.


Two days later its Brittany’s birthday, and she still hasn’t returned from her little adventure but Quinn’s adamant that her mummy will be back and that the party should be held regardless. Santana couldn’t help but suspect that it was partly because she wanted to invite the Hudson boy from down the street. So Santana throws the party because it wasn’t every day a person turned thirty five, and Brittany always looked forward to parties so maybe it would be enough to bring her back.

So she gathered her friends and family and even let Quinn invite little Finn Hudson who showed up with his mother who ended up with an invite also. The party was in full swing when Santana headed outside for a smoke and to keep an eye on the two children who had taken rather a liking to one another. Finn had taken it upon himself to show off a little, swinging as high as his little legs would carry him, which wasn’t very high anyway and jumping off to land neatly on the floor much to the delight of their daughter.

She’s joined later by Mike Chang, Brittany’s other best friend that’s not Santana who doesn’t say much to her but gives her some companionship none the less. There broken out of their silence by a splash and a scream, and Quinn’s pointing at the pond which was fast turning red. A hand broke the surface and Quinn screamed again, this time bringing the entire party of people outside, as Mike reached into the pond to pull out an unmoving body with blood stained blonde hair. Santana’s heart stopped cold, and as Mike tried his best to stop the bleeding Santana ran inside to their bedroom pulling everything out of the closet in order to find the top she knew Brittany hadn’t thrown away. The top was nowhere to be found, and a sense of dread was pooling in her stomach.

Rushing back outside Mike had stopped trying to stem the flow of blood and Finn had been removed to the house, Brittany’s mother held Quinn who fought fiercely to get to Brittany, unfortunately the small child didn’t stand a chance against a fully grown adult. Santana’s father knelt next to Brittany, but the tears in his eyes and defeat on his face only enraged Santana, why wasn’t he helping, why wasn’t he saving Brittany. Taking matters into her own hands she scooped the blonde into her arms and pressed her hand to the no longer bleeding wound, tears mingling with blood as she begged and pleaded with Brittany to wake up, to stop messing around. She didn’t wake up.

Santana’s father wrapped his arm around her his soft Spanish an attempt to sooth his child and himself but Santana was heartbroken and guilty so she lashed out, her flawless Spanish ripping into her father because he gave up on trying to save Brittany, he could have saved her and he took her on that stupid hunting trip, why did he have to take her on that stupid hunting trip. Three people held her back from attacking her father before she finally calmed down enough to apologise. With shaky legs she walked over to Mrs Pierce, pulling her daughter into her arms she dropped to the floor and cried, her arms tightly around her daughter.


Santana had every intention of not going to the funeral, but strict instructions from her parents had forced her to change her mind. It had been two weeks since Brittany’s birthday and Santana was exhausted both mentally and physically. Her days consisted of staying locked in her room with Quinn and just generally looking after her daughter, because really she was all that mattered now. It was a strange sensation being without Brittany so she convinced herself that Brittany was just away travelling and that any day she’d walk into the living room to find her naked and tired on the floor.

So she gets dressed a good few hours before she’s even getting picked up, just for something to do because Quinn is with her grandparents and Brittany is “off travelling.” But then she has time with nothing to do, so she checks herself in the mirror, she looks like hell and should probably do something with her hair, maybe put a little makeup on but Brittany always did prefer her natural, and she can’t find it within herself to even try.

The service is simple and tasteful but oh so very Brittany, her parents have got her spot on and when it is time for the eulogies Santana wants to say something, but how do you sum up a lifetime of friendship, and a love that even the greatest of wordsmiths could not do justice to. So she doesn’t even try. When the casket is lowered into the earth she wonders if Brittany’s even in there, maybe she’s off in another time having another adventure and then the tears fall because as much as Santana wants that to be true it’s not, there’s absolutely a body in the casket and it absolutely belongs to her soulmate, it belongs to her. She’ stays and cries long after everybody else.


It’s Santana’s fortieth birthday and everybody insists on celebrating it, but she’s not quite so convinced. She hasn’t thrown a party since Brittany’s thirty fifth, not even for Quinn who’s had to go to her grandparent’s houses to have the party and even then it’s without her mother. It’s been five years but everyone still treads on eggshells because Santana’s still not over it. They’ll have to walk on eggshells forever because Santana knows she’ll never be over it. But they throw her a party anyway, and Mike tricks her into attending he even stands watch for the majority of the night to make sure she doesn’t run away.

She’s waiting for an exit when she spots a familiar shade of blonde hair attached to a Brittany that can’t be any older than seventeen. Her mouth is dry when she approaches Brittany who recognises her instantly, huge smile on her face that was essentially Brittany. Tears pricked at her eyes because she’s missed this so much, she’s missed those eyes and that smile and god those hands. Brittany doesn’t ask any questions but simply leads her to the dance floor for a good number of dances. Everybody watches because there’s such love between the two and it’s beautiful and just a little heartbreaking, because that Brittany hasn’t even got her Santana yet and this Santana has lost her Brittany. Still as they watch them sway to the music there is a startling realisation for everyone except Brittany. Santana may have lost her Brittany, but she would never ever lose Brittany, because no matter what Brittany would always be there.

Santana’s had many parties in her life, including the one where Brittany proposed but this is the happiest she’s ever been, and it’s amazing to watch her teenage best friend take her daughter by the hand and dance with her, even without knowing who she is. Santana can see the happiness in Quinn’s eyes and it makes her happy too, because Brittany is just that kind of person. She stays for two weeks.


Quinn’s eighteen and Santana can’t believe how much she looks like Brittany, even as her skins lightened out and her hair is now dyed a similar shade of blonde, and she looks beautiful in the red puffy out dress that once belonged to Brittany. Santana feels tears in her eyes as she embraces her daughter who hugs her back, because there closer than any mother and daughter have ever been and Santana can’t help but wonder if Brittany would be just as proud as Santana herself is.

There’s a knock on the front door and Quinn bounces over to open it because it had to be her date for the prom, but standing on the front door is a naked Brittany and an embarrassed looking Finn. Quinn laughs and pulls Finn inside before latching on to her other mother who laughs with her as they sway together on the front step. Santana who would like to maintain a sense of decorum pulls the two of them inside, because really what would the neighbours think seeing naked women stood on the front step. Santana kisses Brittany happily before pulling out some spare clothes from the backpack by the front door. “Have you been expecting me.” Santana chuckles and shrugs, because really it was more of just a feeling.

When Brittany’s dressed she turns to Finn and proceeds to give him twenty questions about his intentions with Quinn and Santana genuinely laughs because Brittany’s just taken her job, she was always the overprotective one. Satisfied with his answer Brittany turns her attentions to Quinn who’s more than reluctant to go to her prom because there’s no certainty that she’ll ever see her again. Santana likes Finn, but she likes him even more when he suggests they stay at home and celebrate their prom with Santana and Brittany because it’s the best idea she’s ever heard. So Santana orders in the pizza and brings out the booze and really it’s a great night and Finn’s had more fun that he would at prom. It also means more to Quinn than anything that both her mother’s seem to genuinely love Finn, when she tells Finn they like him he’s genuinely ecstatic.

When Finn’s gone home and Quinn’s in bed Brittany leads Santana to the bedroom where they can catch up on everything.


There are so many different rings and just under thirty different ones that he’s sure Quinn’s going to love. It’s not so much that he’s scared she’s not going to like the ring, more like a paralyzing fear that Quinn’s going to say no, because he’s nowhere near good enough. He’s just about talked himself out of proposing when a voice sounds from behind him.

“I like that one; I think you should buy her that one.” He’s almost convinced that she’s talking to him but nobody knows he’s here and the voice in an unfamiliar one. The person carries on indecently and nobody’s answering back so he turns around to be greeted by a young blonde with a puzzled expression on her face. “I’ve changed my mind” she shrugs as she dances towards the other counter to find what she’s looking for. Finn watches her with a fascinated amusement, because whoever this girl is she’s something else entirely. Her face lights up as she points to something obscured by her body, something retrieved and placed into her hand by the slightly bemused assistant.

She moves back over to him in such a familiar way that has him wondering if maybe he does actually know her. She flashes him a brilliant smile as she places the ring in his hand, curling his fingers into a fist. Rocking on to the front of her toes she places a kiss to his cheek and whispers in his ear “She’s going to say yes” and with that she’s out of the shop with a slam of the door. He stares after the mysterious stranger before opening his fist.

It’s a simple ring, one sapphire surrounded by two tiny diamonds and it’s oh so very Quinn. A smile graces his lips as he gazes outside once more, with a feeling that he’s just met the illusive Brittany Pierce-Lopez again and a ring that means more to Finn than anybody could ever know.


Quinn’s grown up to be a lovely young woman and she’s given Santana four lovely grandkids but she’s got Finn now, and a life that Santana hasn’t had in such a long time. Her youngest grandchild is a little over four years old and it’s been four years since she’s last seen Brittany, because even though she can’t control her ability she’s always made it for the births of every one of her grandkids and according to Finn a couple of contraception’s also.  Santana still ribs him about that, but it warms her heart that he doesn’t exactly mind Brittany’s unfortunate timing.

It’s her seventieth birthday and she can’t quite manage to get out of bed so Quinn and the family came to her. Crowding around the bed they laughed and talked and ate junk food, before Santana felt it about time to demand cake. Finn’s about to fetch it from the kitchen when the door swings open and Brittany’s stood there naked and carrying said cake. Santana thinks that maybe all her birthdays have come at once.

“I’ll go get dressed, but I heard it was your birthday and I figure what goods a birthday without cake. It was in the kitchen by the way, I didn’t bring it with me.” Santana’s face is set in a smile because this is the one thing she’s been asking for since her fortieth birthday, Brittany alive and in person; her state of undress is sort of a bonus. So she lets her eyes appreciate the toned form as she sets the cake next to the bed and leans over to give Santana the kiss she’s been waiting for. It’s a little weird at first, because Santana is seventy and Brittany is maybe only just thirty, but when Brittany climbs into bed next to her and presses against her it’s not so weird any more.

The rest of the day is spent eating cake and letting three exited grandkids climb over the bed so they can properly meet there other grandmother who’s currently younger than their mother. But as the sun goes down the kids get tired, so Quinn and Finn have no choice but to reluctantly depart. Brittany helps Santana out of the bed wrapping the sheet around the two of them as they shuffle towards the door to wave the little group off.

When there comfortably settled on the couch Santana resting in Brittany’s arms do Brittany’s hands start to wander and she presses a few kisses to Santana’s forehead. There’s something sad in Brittany’s eyes and Santana knows exactly why it is, because Brittany is like an open book and although Santana’s a little bit afraid she’s incredibly thankful that Brittany’s here, that Brittany loves her enough to not let her go through this alone. Still they have time, and when Brittany whispers into her ear Santana’s only answer is “a dance.”

The dance is nothing like when they were younger because Santana can’t really move faster than a slow shuffle and too much spinning makes her want to regurgitate her rather lovely cake. So it’s a slow dance, with Brittany allowing Santana to lead for the first time since forever and it’s so beautiful that by the time the music stops both of them are crying, and Santana’s struggling for breath. Brittany sits her unsteadily back on the sofa and lets Santana lean against her, head resting against her chest as she struggles to breath. Santana’s last images are of Brittany steadily stroking her hair as her lips spoke I love you against her cheek. Santana never would have thought it probable, but she died happy and content and surrounded by love, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Quinn breaks in the next morning she finds a motionless Santana wrapped in the sheet from her bed. Through the tears she can’t help but notice the genuine smile on Santana’s face and it makes her smile because she was blessed with two of the most amazing parents and they were blessed with each other. Quinn’s sad, but she’s oh so very happy.

Through Time Part 1

Title: Through Time
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Word Count: 10,324
Summary: AU Time Traveler!Britt. A look at Santana and Brittany's life where Brittany has a problem, she can travel through time. Based of The Time Travelers Wife {when I do go it’s almost always to you, like I find your soul every time. Were soul mates Santana, in the truest sense of the word.}
A/N:Based of the Time Travlers Wife, which I do not own, but I love anyway. Not Beta'd so I appologise for any spelling mistakes there may be. Split into two parts because of the length.


She’s going to be five in two days time or as her mama says, she’s going to be a big girl and it makes Santana all sorts of giddy exited because she wants to be a big girl and go to big school and just generally be one step closer to being an adult. There’s a downside to being a big girl, and that’s because she has to act like one. In two days time holding a tea party with stuffed bears will simply not be cool, so she knows she has to use the two days wisely.

Yesterday she spent it colouring in without taking any notice of the lines simply because she could and today she’s going to hold the grandest of tea parties, for her favourite stuffed animals. Tomorrow when she’s five she totally plans on sassing her mom because big girls can do that.

She spreads the chequered blanket at the very end of the garden away from her mother’s watchful eyes, because it’s a party for special people, of which her mother most defiantly isn’t. Everything’s spread out nice and neatly when a figure approaches. She’s tall and blonde and Santana is actually in awe of her, she’s sort of like a ghost or an angel, most defiantly an angel. Santana thinks it would be so totally cool if an angel could come to her party, so when the blonde sits down amongst the animals Santana is presenting her with a cup and a role as a queen. She finds it highly amusing when the blonde puts on an accent that she will later remember as British.

When Santana turns around to shout at her mom the blonde angel disappears just as suddenly as she reappeared.

Maybe she would spend the rest of her life looking for that angel.


She meets the angel a few months later, although she has no idea that they are one and the same. It’s a normal sort of day except there’s a new kid in class, a ditzy blonde who’s as quick to cry as she is to say the strangest things. Still there’s something about her that draws her to Santana, and when Zizes picks on the blonde for something Santana’s oh so very quick to show Lauren how it’s done in Lima Heights. Brittany’s her best friend after that.

Santana soon discovers that there’s something even stranger about Brittany than the random comments, or strange way in which she views the world. Sometimes Brittany will be there one minute and gone the next and sometimes she will be gone for hours other times entire days always returning tired. She never tells Santana where she goes but at five years old she’s not really bothered about anything other than sandpits and tag, and those unicorns that Brittany swears are real.


Things don’t change much as they get older, Brittney is still prone to random disappearances and periods of confusion where she’s not sure of anything, but Santana is always there by her side even if Brittany won’t tell her what’s wrong.

She’s fifteen when Brittany disappears for over a month, and she spends most of that time begging and pleading with the Pierce’s to do something about it. When they refuse, Santana goes to the police herself and she puts fliers up anywhere she can get them because she’s genuinely worried about Brittany and her parent’s obvious indifference. She’s ready for her fifteenth bout of begging Brittany’s folks when she spots a familiar person through the window.

She looks quite a bit older and she’s dressed in a different style of clothing altogether but it’s unmistakably Brittany and Santana is torn between happiness and confusion, because seriously why is Brittany looking the wrong side of twenty. It’s when the light catches Brittany at a certain angle that Santana makes the connection between her and the angel when she was younger. She’s more confused than ever because there is absolutely no explanation, save for Brittany actually being like Doctor Who, which is absolutely ridiculous.

She takes two steps back before she comes into contact with a warm body and jumps ten feet into the air, spare posters collecting on the ground. She’s about to lay into whoever is behind her when her eyes catch sight of Brittany, looking exactly like before only without any clothes. The blush that finds its way to Santana’s cheeks are not because it’s the first time she’s seen Brittany like this, but more like this is the first time she actually come into contact with her naked skin and it’s making Santana feel things she really shouldn’t. “I guess I have some explaining to do.”

Turns out Santana wasn’t far wrong with the whole Doctor Who time traveller thing, because as it turns out Brittany does travel through time only she can’t control when she goes or where so goes. It’s so farfetched that Santana shouldn’t even believe it, but Brittany seems to genuinely think it’s the case and Santana’s seen evidence that can’t be denied. She takes some time to think about it, but really nothing’s changed except she has a deeper understanding of why her best friend is sometimes so strange. Maybe Santana loves her all the more for it.

Santana doesn’t see Brittany for a few days after that and it’s about two days too long, so with a couple of bottles of wine and a few DVD’s Santana unsuccessfully tries to climb the tree into Brittany’s room, before she has to give in and use the door. That’s the night everything changes and Santana finds her new favourite way of getting her mack on. It’s also when Brittany shows her just how skilled she can be in the bed department. It’s the next morning when things change again, and it becomes Santana’s mission to sleep with a different guy every week and Brittany goes through the entire school like the world was going to end.


There not dating, not exactly. There more like best friends with certain benefits, even if Santana thinks they could be so much more. But Santana doesn’t do feelings and she freaks out more often than not, it sort of annoys her that Brittany deals with it all so calmly. Santana panics and heads straight to Puck, Brittany greets her the next morning like nothing’s happened, but Santana see’s the anticipation in her blue eyes, like she knows something and Santana thinks that maybe, just maybe there’s hope for them yet


It’s been two years and there still stuck in almost the same pattern. Granted things have changed because they’ve been through the whole cheerio’s thing, that lasted for all of two months because Brittany maybe disappeared for a whole two days and missed one practice. Brittany was down for weeks after that and spent the majority of it travelling, she didn’t cheer up until Santana came up with plan B and signed the two of them up for Glee club. It almost killed Santana to hand her resignation in to coach Sylvester because with a position on the squad came a whole host of perks, including power and respect  and an immunity to patriotic wedgies  and other uncomfortable things, while membership  to the glee club is like a written invitation to be on the receiving end. Then Santana remembers she’s doing it for Brittany because she loves to sing and she’s an amazing dancer, and for Brittany she’d gladly take as many patriotic wedgies and dumpster trips as the underdeveloped apes can dish out, only she’s confidant it won’t happen because if anybody tries she’s going to rip them a new one. When Karofsky tries to tip her into a dumpster he ends up in a great deal of pain and a probable inability to have kids.

When Brittany comes back from her latest trip Santana whisks her into the choir room to meet the most annoying bunch of people she’s sure she’s ever going to meet. Rachel Berry in particular really grates on Santana, and incredible voice or no Santana spends a great deal of time plotting her demise. But then Brittany’s face lights up and she gets along so well with everybody that Santana would gladly spend the next five years locked in a room with Rachel berry if it kept the smile on Brittany’s face, because there should always be either a smile or Santana on Brittany’s face. Glee club turns out to be a blessing in disguise, because there a bunch of misfits and Brittany fits in perfectly, hell even Santana’s found her place amongst them and they don’t throw Brittany out when she misses the occasional practice.

By the time there final year comes the glee club are almost family, Brittany’s even trusted them with her little secret and they still accept her anyway, and despite their unpopularity at school they’ve actually made nationals in New York. Santana’s never been out of Lima and she’s all sorts of crazy excited, Brittany keeps going on about how fun New York is and Santana drifts steadily of to sleep her hand clasped tightly by Brittany’s. When Santana wakes up Brittany’s seat is empty but there’s a pile of clothes on the floor, Santana’s heart sinks because it looks like she’s not going to enjoy New York with Brittany.

When all the girls are packed into their hotel room Santana takes one of the beds and refuses to let anybody else take it because Brittany could be back at any time and Brittany’s the only person who Santana can even contemplate sharing a bed with. When all the others are asleep and Santana’s staring at the empty half of the bed she lets a couple of tears fall because she misses Brittany and there’s all sorts of feelings Santana can’t even put a name to. She’s drifting off to sleep when somebody climbs in next to her and then suddenly she’s not so tired anymore. Her eyes snap open and she prepares to push the person out of bed but the person has blonde hair and smells a little like strawberries and Santana knows it has to be Brittany. A smile finds its way to her face because she can actually share this experience with her Brittany; she’s content when she drifts of to sleep.

When she wakes up its sort of clear that the Brittany that got in bed with her last night and the Brittany next to her are not one and the same. Last night Brittany was at least fully grown whereas this Brittany can’t be more than seven years old, but she’s adorable and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of the day with somebody she doesn’t know.

It’s certainly different spending the day with such a young Brittany even if there not too dissimilar. Its remarkable how much Brittany hasn’t changed, when Santana’s changed so much from the little kid who wasn’t so scared to tell her best friend she loved her and mean it. Back then it was a different kind of love. But still. They spend hours moving from place to place because Brittany want’s to see everything and everything’s absolutely fascinating, the only time they stop is for an hour in Central Park because Brittany quite fancies an ice cream. When they get back to the hotel ten minutes after their curfew, even a lecture from Mr Schuester can’t curb Santana’s happy mood.

The others think she’s been possessed or something, because they’ve never seen Santana so much as smile without Brittany there, and then they see the little girl behind her. The entire Glee club is just as taken with little Brittany as she is with them, and Santana can’t help but be happy that she’s the reason for it. Rachel’s playing on the bed with Brittany when Mercedes leans over and demands to know just why Santana hasn’t got her shit together yet. Santana doesn’t answer, but as she watches the absolute innocence and love that is Brittany she can’t help but wonder the same thing.

Little Brittany doesn’t disappear until after they win nationals, but she’s joined by another Brittany that’s got to be knocking on forty who takes the empty position at nationals and sings and knocks out the choreography like she’s only just learnt it. She’s so graceful that if little Brittany hadn’t helped Santana come to terms with her feelings, then this older Brittany would defiantly do the trick. Santana want’s to spend the rest of her life with Brittany, she want’s to share her life, she wants to share herself and it’s exhilarating, because when she thinks about it she’s always wanted this.

When Brittany returns it’s there last day in New York and despite Brittany’s protests at wanting to see the big apple something unexpected and so much better happens. Santana launches herself at Brittany, fastening their mouths together and all but shouting I love you. One of the pluses of being a time traveller is that the future is anything but a surprise bar a few important life changing details, and apparently the greatest moment of her life falls under that category, so Brittany is rather surprised, but so very very happy.


Their first date is the most nerve-racking moment in Santana’s young life, it doesn’t matter if they’ve done this thousands of times, this time its official, this time Brittany’s her actual girlfriend. She’s spent the better part of the day trying to find something to wear but she’s failing miserably and she can’t exactly call Brittany for fashion advice. The only other options are Berry, who dresses like an old lady and Tina who dresses like somebody’s died. Of course there’s Mercedes but she really doesn’t fancy showing up to her first date looking like something out of a 50 Cent video.

She settles for the low cut black number that Brittany favours every time and spends even longer doing her hair and makeup than she did picking out her dress. Brittany’s late by at least half an hour and Santana starts to worry that maybe she’s gone again, it wouldn’t surprise her because Brittany ironically has a terrible sense of time. Another half hour ticks by and Santana tries to ring, but there’s no answer, when she rings Brittany’s house phone Mrs Pierce confirms what she suspected, Brittany’s gone. Santana sits and cries for a good fifteen minutes, because the disappointment is immense and frightening because disappointment is not a feeling she wants to associate with Brittany.

The ringing of the doorbell brings Santana out of her little crying fit, and surprisingly Brittany’s stood there, three years younger than she should be and clad in an oversized men’s t-shirt that had clearly been stolen from some poor persons washing line. Santana lets out a laugh because Brittany never disappoints, she always finds a way.

Before they can even think about going anywhere Santana bribes Brittany into changing, because a creased men’s shirt isn’t the best look for the sort of restaurant Santana had in mind. When Brittany is in one of Santana’s longer dresses, she looks something like half decent, but the dress was always going to be too short because Brittany is heads taller than Santana and leaner too. But she looks hot and underage so Santana resists the urge to kiss her sort of girlfriend.

Dinners nice and filled with such inane conversation that maybe could be fascinating but Santana really want’s it to be her Brittany so they can finish the date exactly how Santana had planned it, which she can’t do in good conscious with an underage person, even if she is Brittany. She also thinks she understands Brittany’s lack of tact when it came to their relationship, because Brittany’s been dating Santana since she was fifteen.

When the date over Brittany doesn’t say much, but leans in to meet Santana’s kiss. The kiss never connects because Brittany’s gone then leaving Santana rather frustrated. She goes straight to bed a little angry, because if they can’t even get the first date right how are they going to get the rest of their life’s right. Thinking when she’s angry has never been a good thing for Santana to do, because the more she thinks the angrier she gets, and she shouldn’t really be angry because Brittany turned up and it was a really lovely date. She can’t quite admit it, but there’s a feeling that she’s angry because subconsciously she’s looking for an excuse to bolt.

She buries her head in her pillow until a grunt and a weight presses on top of her. “I feel sick” and Brittany’s off her and over to Santana’s waist paper basket before she can even register another presence. She rubs Brittany’s back as she dry heaves into the basket. When she finally calms down she buries her face into Santana’s chest and mumbles “I’m sorry” until Santana brings her head up to finish off what younger Brittany started. Later on that night Santana gets her perfect ending to the date when Brittany carries her over to the bed sans clothes.


When Santana goes to college Brittany happily follows her, so they get a small apartment just of campus and Brittany manages to get herself a job in a dance studio with very flexible hours, while Santana settles in to her Business course. Life is less than idyllic, because there are two of them to feed plus rent and Brittany’s the only one earning money, which isn’t great because she keeps missing shifts with the travelling. So Santana picks up the shifts Brittany misses, and while it’s hard to juggle college and a job she manages and the extra money comes in more than handy, plus Santana feels like she’s pulling her weight. There a team, they’ve always been a team.

When Santana’s 21st birthday comes around she tries her hardest to hide under the covers and away from any reminder of her sudden adulthood, even if she can now legally drink. Her phones been ringing off the hook, and there’s been an endless stream of messages from Puck demanding that she come with him to this totally awesome bar. But Santana’s not in the mood for celebrating. She hasn’t seen Brittany all morning, and there tiny little is empty and cold, there’s a distinct feeling that Brittany’s gone travelling again which only adds to her mood.

It’s around eleven when she hears the door slam shut, and padded feet heading towards Santana’s cocoon of misery. The weight on the bed is familiar, and when the covers are pulled back Brittany’s sat there, a little sweaty and mussed, but she’s there. “Happy Birthday Sleepyhead. I had to pop out for an hour or so, are you ok, you look a little miserable” her voice seemed worried and her hand trailed along her forehead and down her nose before her lips pressed against Santana’s. “Being 21 isn’t that bad, I mean you can totally legally drink now.” The inane babbling served its purpose and put the smile on Santana’s face that should have been there since she first woke up.

After Brittany showed Santana just how happy a birthday it was going to be it was early in the afternoon, and the phone lay forgotten by the side of the bed. The two of them spent the rest of the day lazing around and doing whatever Santana wanted, so naturally the majority of the day was spent naked in each other’s arms and in various different places, there might have been a movie or two in there but neither were paying it very much attention. When late afternoon hit and it was closer to six than it was five Brittany finally pulled away from Santana, who lay with a satisfied smirk on the couch. “Come on, time to get ready we’ve got reservations for half seven” with a grin she hoisted Santana off the couch and carried her into the shower. By the time they managed to get out of the shower they were five minutes late but couldn’t find it within them to care.

By the time they got to Breadstix they were half an hour late for their reservation, and there table had been taken up by a mass of very familiar people. With College and each member occupying different states, glee club get togethers were few and far between, but here for Santana’s 21st every single one had managed to make it, Kurt, Mercedes even Artie who had never really liked Santana had shown up. Perhaps most surprising was the inclusion of both her and Brittany’s parents and Mr Schuester there old glee teacher.

It was such a surprise and Santana felt a tear work its way down her cheek, but she quickly disguised it and took her place in one of the two empty seats. Grasping Brittany’s hand in hers she placed a very long kiss of gratitude on Brittany, who had clearly made a great deal of effort to get everybody here today. Santana felt so lucky that she had Brittany who loved her enough to get everybody she loved into one room, no scratch that into her favourite ever restaurant.

The night past relatively quick, with everybody catching up with everybody else. Rachel was on Broadway, Kurt too, Mercedes had just recorded her first album out in the fall, Artie worked at some major company and Mike surprisingly had just got a job the same studio as Brittany. As the night drew to a close the huge pile of presents which until now had remained unnoticed was passed to Santana one by one as she opened it and then thanked whoever had given it, with the exception of Puck who amongst a few genuinely amazing presents had seen it fit to give her a few items that were questionable at best. Including vouchers for ‘a session with one Noah Puckerman’ which she had promptly tossed to Zizes.

There was a notable absence in the names of people who had given her presents, but it didn’t matter much, because really why would she need a present from Brittany when she had Brittany herself, who had done all of this for her. But Brittany did have a present for her, only she was struggling to find the courage to go through with it, especially in front of all their friends, because there was always that niggling feeling that she’d say no. It was Mike and unsurprisingly Mr Schue who gave her the encouraging looks needed to stand up and make the announcement.

When Brittany stood up to clear her throat, Santana half expected her to make the speech that Santana should give, but had no intention of doing so. Until Brittany knelt down on one knee, small black box in hand. “Santana, you know just how much I love you, you’ve been my best friend for so long, and I’ve been your best friend for even longer. I know my thing is a big hurdle, but I think we’ve got it down, we manage, and when I do go it’s almost always to you, like I find your soul every time. Were soul mates Santana, in the truest sense of the word. Now I may not always be there physically, but I want to be with you forever, I guess what I’m trying to say is I know it’s going to be tough but I want to marry you, please say you’ll marry me.”

Between the suddenness of it all, and the typical Brittany nervous ramble, it took Santana a second to process it, but the answer was always going to be a resounding yes. How could she not want to spend the rest of her life with Brittany? Even if they couldn’t legally be married they could still be married. So with rapturous applause from the entire restaurant Brittany slipped the slight silver band set with a single solitary diamond onto her finger.

When Santana saw the local news the next morning she couldn’t help but let out a genuine laugh, because of course Brittany knew it was going to happen. Breaking News: New York Legalizes Gay Marriage


Everything was ready for their big day, the venue, the flowers, Santana’s dress, Brittany’s suit, the food, and the guests, everything except one of the two brides. When Brittany had disappeared two weeks ago Santana had been filled with dread, because there was still so much to take care of, the only upside was that with two weeks to go Brittany had a 99 percent chance that she would be back and in no danger of disappearing during the honeymoon, which is the one thing Brittany insisted on keeping a secret.

Still when the day of the wedding came and Brittany still hadn’t returned, Santana felt very much like crying. It was a semi repeat of their first date, only this time there was no other Brittany to take her place, and with nothing to do but think, Santana reached the conclusion that maybe she couldn’t do this after all. Tears made their way down her face because reality had finally slapped her in the face, love could only get you so far, it couldn’t get you past the long periods where she disappeared to god knows where, it couldn’t get you past the hurt when she couldn’t show up to things like her own wedding. If Brittany couldn’t be here for her own wedding, what other things would she miss, the birth of any children, their first house, their friends weddings.

Santana loved Brittany there was no doubt about that, but she could only take one heartbreak too many and she would be a wreck, she was coming dangerously close to it now. She couldn’t do it. So she remained in the darkness of her room, wedding dress hung on the door in front of her, taunting her with what could have been.

It was Puck that forced her out of her stupor, with a glass of whisky and an uncharacteristically wise word. But Puck did have a point love could only get you so far, you have to work for the rest of it. He also made a pretty good point about Brittany never letting her down, in the end she was always where she needed to be, besides they were soul mates so theoretically if she called for her then she would come. He left her to get dressed with his usual smirk and call’s of being the best, best man ever and to stop getting cold feet.

When Puck disappeared into other areas of the apartment, the rest of the cavalry arrived to do makeup and hair and other important bits like getting her into her tight sexy excuse for a wedding dress. When she emerged with the cavalry, who also happened to be Rachel, Tina and Mercedes better known as the bridesmaids, Puck and her parents sat in awe at just how beautiful she looked. There was a quick round of photo’s and a few hugs from everybody in the room, including a few tears from Puck, that he would never live down, before Santana was whisked into the car besides her father who looked more proud of her now than when she graduated top of her class, a testament perhaps to how much he adored Brittany.

When the car pulled up at the venue Santana was helped out by her father, only to see a few people milling around and Puck surrounded by purple clad bridesmaids but neglecting them to talk on his phone. It wasn’t lost on Santana that Brittany still hadn’t shown up, and she couldn’t quite figure out why she needed to get out of the car at all because the heels were not the most comfortable things to wear and who knows how long they would have to wait, if she showed up at all.

She was most surprised when the few stragglers disappeared to take their seats and the bridesmaids took their positions in front of Santana. Her father extended his arm to her, smile on his face and Puck subconsciously tried to fix her hair. “You’re going down the aisle first, give Brittany a bit of time.” She wanted to protest because what if she stood there all day and Brittany never showed up, it would be humiliating on a different level than hiding away in the back. But with her father’s strong grip, and Pucks gentle goading Santana didn’t have much of a choice.

The music started as Santana made one last attempt at staying hidden, until her father successfully got her into the grounds where rows and rows of seats were offset by hundreds of different types of flowers and trees, for a stunning effect. The front platform was no different, the priest stood in front of a backdrop of beautiful gardens and a stunning afternoon sky. Together they reached the front row of seats, and from the right hand side a blonde and an Asian turned to face her, both sporting matching smiles. Santana only just managed to stop herself from breaking down, because here Brittany stood in a specially tailored black and red tux, hair pulled into a band at the nape of her neck looking slightly tired but happier than she ever has before.

As they say their wedding vows Santana can’t help but wonder why she even considered the fact she couldn’t do this. Without Brittany it had seemed possible, but now that she’s here saying things that make Santana actually cry in front of hundreds anything is possible.

Brittany even manages to stay for the entire three weeks they spend travelling around Europe.


Married life and domesticity suited the both Santana and Brittany, except for the fact the Brittany still couldn’t cook no matter how many times people tried to teach her. Recipes were confusing; ingredients were confusing, so Santana was the designated cook. Brittany was better than Santana at other things, like retrieving things from shelves, putting up pictures or changing light bulbs. There were other things too, but Brittany had yet to find them much to the amusement of Santana.

Unusually the two arrived home at the same time, Brittany from the dance studio she now owned with Mike and Santana from a series of meetings with some pretty high profiled clients. Santana was the first in the house because Brittany had once again left her keys at the studio, and the first one to hear the distinct wailing of a baby. In the living room, in one of the armchairs lay a little baby girl, with a small tuft of blonde hair and blue eyes, who was probably no more than three months old. Santana had never been easy around children, she didn’t like them all that much and she was always afraid that they would wriggle away and she’d drop them,, and that was something she didn’t want holding over her head. Brittany however had no such worries, and without so much as a word to Santana scooped the baby up against her chest, gently rocking her backwards and forwards as she pulled one of Santana’s shirts from the pile of laundry to wrap the baby in. Snuggled tightly in the shirt the baby settled down before closing her eyes to sleep.

There was something amazing to Santana about watching Brittany with a child, it was mesmerising and Brittany appeared to be a natural, like she belonged with a blue eyed, blonde haired baby in her arms. A small smile worked its way to Santana’s face as an amused Brittany cuddled the child, “There’s something a little strange about holding yourself as a baby. It’s a little weird actually. Here Santana, just take her a minute.” Santana’s face set into a panicked look as she tried to back up through the door and away from the tiny little human, the tiny little Brittany. But Brittany was taller and faster and if Santana didn’t hold her arms to take the baby, then she would tumble to the floor. Brittany stuck her tongue out before disappearing from the room and out the front door, leaving Santana all alone with the baby.

When Brittany didn’t return after ten minutes Santana began to panic, which in turn helped wake the baby up and filled the house with crying once more. Unsure of what to do she slowly rocked her body backwards and forwards singing my headband, which settled the baby into an easy sleep a smile still on her chubby features. Somewhere between the first sing through and the moment when her eyes closed Santana had found herself at ease and the knowledge that baby’s weren’t as scary as they first seemed. She took a moment to study the child, from the little tuft of smooth blonde hair, to the eyes that while closed were undoubtedly the shade of blue that she loved, there was no denying that this child was Brittany.

A chuckle from the doorway snapped her out of her baby induced stupor, and long arms wrapped themselves around her waist as Brittany pressed a kiss into her neck. There’s was a feeling when she saw the reflection in the window that she could get used to this, loving a baby that looked just like Brittany, while Brittany loved the both of them from behind. “So that’s why My Headband is my favourite song” Brittany’s voice was hoarse in her ear, and her laughter low and silent so as not to wake the baby.

Neither of them had any idea how long baby Brittany would stay, but when she did go Santana would make it a priority to bring up having one of their own.


Brittany had been more than receptive to the plan, but things were not working out at all. There first attempt had an anonymous sperm donor so Brittany could conceive and carry the baby, and it had worked up until the fourth week when Brittany’s ability once again sent her through time leaving the foetus in her time. Santana hadn’t been able to get the sight out of her mind for months after that, and Brittany had felt so guilty she had refused to talk to Santana at all. With a little intervention from Mike and Puck they went back to normal until the baby talk once again took centre stage.

Brittany was never going to be able to carry the child to full term, not unless she could get a handle on her time travelling abilities and that seemed highly unlikely no matter how they tried. So Santana proposed a compromise, Brittany’s egg that Santana would carry, thereby eliminating the danger of Brittany’s spontaneous adventures. What they didn’t count on was Brittany’s problem being genetic, and essentially passed on to their unborn offspring, so when at nearly 8 weeks Santana went to bed pregnant and woke up minus a child they went back to the heartbreak imposed isolation. Once again it took Mike, Puck and a sperm donor who bore a natural resemblance to Brittany to kick start their third attempt. Brittany couldn’t have biological kids, but Santana could have a kid that looked like the two of them and although they decided that it was the better option. So when the trip to the doctors confirmed the little blue cross on their pregnancy test, Santana’s never felt happier and Brittany knows it’s great news even if she knows she’s not going to stick around for the private celebration she had been so looking forward to.


Brittany’s been gone for well over a week and Santana is feeling more than a little lonely and very very pregnant. She mopes around the house eating ice cream and pickles and anything else that’s lying around, she’s even taken to sleeping on the couch because her fluctuating hormones won’t allow her to sleep in the bed without Brittany. Brittany’s parents are around more often than not, but when she catches a glimpse of Mrs Pierce, who looks so very much like her daughter, she locks herself in her room and cries. They never disturb her, just quietly tidy up the discarded rubbish and dirty dishes and restock the fridge with all sorts of delicious goodies.

It hurts Santana to see how well their coping with their daughters disappearance, but then she figures that they’ve been dealing with it from the day she was born. She’s disappointed in her own reactions because really this isn’t the first time Brittany’s travelled, she’s been doing it regularly for as long as Santana’s known her, but then it’s the first time Brittany just up and went while Santana’s been pregnant and hormonal.

Her father calls round on his way to go hunting and this time Santana doesn’t lock herself in her room, she wraps her arms around him and cries. He laughs and the deep reverberation in his chest is somewhat comforting to her, even if she knows he’s laughing at her, so she doesn’t shout but she does smile. It’s been a long time since her father took her with him, she was only a small girl at the time, she doesn’t condone the shooting of innocent animals but when her father offers she accepts.

Santana is hard pressed to keep up with the gang of long legged men, because she waddles more than walks and it’s quite difficult to manoeuvre over fallen branches with a rounded stomach. There’s a slight crunching sound somewhere to their left, so the group split up and Santana is handed one of her father’s guns before he follows them. It’s quite spooky standing amidst an expanse of trees, especially when she can no longer see her dad or any of the others and when she hears the bushes in front of her rustling she holds the gun up and pulls the trigger.

The gunshot is followed by a ruffled thud and she’s almost certain she’s hit something. She doesn’t want to go look but she’s been all kinds of scared since getting pregnant, and Santana Lopez does not get scared, so she steels herself and wades carefully through the bush. Surprisingly there’s nothing save for a large pool of blood and a top that gives her a strange sense of déjà vu. The others are back before she knows it, but the tops thrown Santana, she knows she’s seen it before, the deep purple hue and strange embroidery just remind her of something, but of what she doesn’t know. She’s unresponsive for the rest of the trip so her father cuts the trip short and whisks her back to the car, he tries to get her to talk but she says nothing until he pulls up outside his house. “I want to go home.”

Part 2


Lawless Part 2/{3/4}

Title: Lawless
Chapter: Part 2
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Summary: AU Judge!Britt Will/Brittany friendship. Will Schuester and Brittany Pierce, best friends with the worlds at there feet, but when Brittany gets involved in a secret military project known as the judges things take a turn for the worse. With his best friend Cryogenically frozen Will had to get on with his life, but when the new president orders the release of the judges the two friends have to figure out where they belong in each others life.
A/N:Judges not mine, there all the creators of Judge Dredd. The Glee characters arn't mine either:( Orignally meant to be a two parter, but it's looking like a three or four part story.


Glee club were no closer to becoming friends than they were to winning nationals, and no matter how much Will tried he couldn’t seem to get them to care. Truthfully the state of the Glee club wasn’t ever going to be his biggest concern, but he wanted the students to care, he wanted to students to take charge, he wanted in short a Rachel Berry. Then he realised he could sort of have a Rachel Berry, if of course she wasn’t too busy with her broadway schedule to give an old friend a helping hand.

It had been a good number of years since he had last seen Rachel, enough years to forget about how completely and utterly annoying she can get. If she had an ego before, success had given her an inflated sense of self worth that reminded Will of the complete failure of his life. But if there was one thing about Rachel that never changed it was that she cared and Will couldn’t help but be a little jealous.

Rachel wasn’t a big hit with the glee club, Quinn took an outright dislike to her and Santana went from nice to bitch whenever Rachel came within a two meter radius. Artie didn’t seem to care either way, and Kurt’s love hate relationship with her was the most fascinating dynamic Will had seen in such a long time. But his plan had its desired effect, because in their hatred of Rachel they grew closer, and when Rachel sang they felt threatened. All in all it worked out rather nicely, especially since Rachel seemed used to the hatred and carried on normally no matter what. If only she would stop being so pushy.

A month or so before sectionals Rachel had an insane idea of assigning the group a duet assignment, where the winners would get something they wanted, the only catch Rachel was going to compete too, with Will as her partner. The entire Glee club managed to witness his near breakdown and flat out refusal to so much as sing one note. They sat perplexed as Will stormed out and Rachel stood mouth open wide and feeling slightly guilty.

Will never expected anybody to come after him, except maybe Quinn, so when he heard someone approach him his first instinct was to tell her to bugger off. The witty retort her received back was less like Quinn and a lot more like one Santana Lopez. Santana didn’t wait for recognition or an invitation, just sat down next to him, feet dangling from the stage and forming a steady rhythm as she swung her legs back and forth. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t have to but when she left Will still couldn’t bring himself to do the duet with Rachel.
When he managed to stumble home that night via a detour into a bar or three, Terri sat waiting for him, in silence and in the dark. When she saw the tears lining his cheeks and battered photograph hanging out of his jacket pocket she lost the heart to be angry with him, because really he was being pathetic, and pathetic Will she could deal with.

Terri loved Will, she really did, but she never really imagined a future with him. He was the golden boy back at school, she was a top cheerleader so their relationship was only natural, it helped that Will was nice and also willing to do anything for her. She just had one major problem, the one reason why Will could never be her future, and that was his relationship with her fellow cheerleader, one Brittany S Pierce. Terri liked control, and while Will put up a little resistance on his own, Brittany always came first and Terry suspected she always would. She was weeks away from breaking up with Will, when fate finally gave her a hand by not only removing Brittany from the picture, but also breaking Will until the only things he had left were Terri and Quinn. Suddenly the only future she could imagine was one with Will, if only she could get him to crack and agree to marriage, because she’s faced the facts, Brittany’s never coming back.

Will’s nursing a terrible hangover at work the next day, and as the clock counts towards home time he finds himself dreading Glee club more and more, because a bunch of singing happy kids is not what he wants to hear, when all he wants to do is climb under the covers and sleep. Glee club is hell, and he’s in such a state that Rachel takes pity on him and sends him home with a lecture and a demand that he sleeps. Terri is less sympathetic and has him clean the apartment before he’s even allowed near the bed, because he wasn’t supposed to go out drinking and they lost valuable time in her baby making plans.

The next week is spent in preparation for sectionals and Will doesn’t even have time to eat, let alone watch the news or pay attention to Terry. There the underdogs again this year, but Will’s confidant they can win and he’s maybe more excited about the potential win than he has about anything else in a long time.

Quinn’s noticed his sort of renewed passion, and she’s almost happy for her brother, if only he would ditch the cow then maybe he would be so much closer to happiness. He won’t ever be truly happy, not until he moves on from Brittany, but Quinn knows that’s never going to happen. Brittany didn’t die, she’s still alive and even if she’s as good as dead she knows her brother still clings to that hope. It’s why he asks Santa for Brittany every year, because she remembers more about Brittany than she lets on, and she remembers that Brittany has a steadfast belief in Santa, even if Will knows the truth. Quinn tries to hold on to that hope too, but she’s never had Will’s talent for optimism, she’s a realist and if Brittany’s ever going to come back Quinn knows she’s going to have to make it happen. She’s even managed to get Santana to help, because Santana spends just as much time looking at the pictures that still has pride of place, even when Will moved out.

~Present Day~

Sectionals were a breeze, and regionals were just as easy but Nationals was going to be another problem entirely. The teachers of the Glee club had once again added to their numbers when Mike Chang managed to see them perform and took offence to their lack of decent dancing, because as a trained dancer he knew that Finn could dance circles around any one of the current glee club members, and Finn was a well know terrible dancer. Quinn took great offence when Mike told them so, and Santana rolled her shoulders and agreed. Will had never worked the Glee club so hard, but with their current winning streak, and the joy the kids seemed to find in performing, he found himself wanting to work them hard, he found himself needing them to win.

He had spent more than a few days brainstorming with Mike and Rachel but they were still no closer to figuring out a song selection or choreography, so Rachel had took it upon herself to lock the three of them in her apartment every day after school and not let them out until it was nearing the early hours of the morning. Terri practically hated him for it, and as useless as it appeared to be it gave Will an excuse to avoid her.

While Will remained locked in that tiny little apartment, the world moved on, famous people died, others married, and the United States became the sole target of a number of terrorist groups. There was much debate about how to handle such an increase in risk, but one ex army General had the perfect solution, a military operation long since forgotten by all but a few. So with only a month left until Nationals, Will Schuester received a notification to his phone that remained unread, and those who had the misfortune of becoming judges were welcomed back into the world.

Brittany’s first few days back were hazy at best. A mixture of blurred images and unfamiliar voices, and dreams that could possibly be memories. She remembers being told getting cryogenically frozen would be like going to sleep, but she’s never felt like that when she’s been asleep. Sure there had been dreams but it was so cold and the muffled voices, a cruel reminder of the outside world. When Brittany opened her eyes, and felt the warm material of a heated blanket she thought she had gone mad. When she actually moved and noticed the familiar tall frame of Finn wrapped in a similar blanket she knew she was dead. It took a lot of convincing, and a number of tentative trips outside to convince Brittany that maybe she wasn’t dead after all, just a good few years behind.
The acclimatisation course was supposed to prepare them for what they had long since termed the outside world, but Brittany was always easily confused and the idea that while they were legally all over fifty, realistically most of them were still twenty. She had given up after the first day, and Finn shortly after, Santa Clause was still alive, and the Easter Bunny still evaded the evil plans of the little yellow chicks, and for Brittany that was all that really mattered. Well mostly, because when they were given the Intel on where to find their families, Brittany had all but demanded the address of one William Schuester. She half expected for him to be in Spain, because the last time she saw him it’s all he wanted, but she’s a more than a little shocked and rather disappointed when his address came back as Lima, Ohio.

The trip back to Lima wasn’t a particularly long one, but for Brittany time seemed to stand still. According to their files much had changed in the past fourteen or so years, Finn’s mother had remarried and was the proud mother of another little boy. Well a not so little boy, because he’s in high school. Brittany’s parents skipped town and were evidently settled somewhere back in their native Holland, which is sort of out of Brittany’s allotted territory. So really it was only natural for both Finn and Brittany to head to Lima and maybe, just maybe get there life back on track.


Lawless Part 1/2

Title: Lawless
Chapter: Part 1
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Summary: AU Judge!Britt Will/Brittany friendship. Will Schuester and Brittany Pierce, best friends with the worlds at there feet, but when Brittany gets involved in a secret military project known as the judges things take a turn for the worse. With his best friend Cryogenically frozen Will had to get on with his life, but when the new president orders the release of the judges the two friends have to figure out where they belong in each others life.
A/N:Judges not mine, there all the creators of Judge Dredd. The Glee characters arn't mine either :(


It was a lovely September morning and the first day of school for thousands of little children throughout the country. In Lima, Ohio one child was not so happy about it being his first day of school and was currently trying his hardest to keep hold of his father while making a scene and not five steps away from him a tiny blonde girl tugged to get free of her parents, her excitement more than evident. A sharp tug from her father and she went tumbling into his chest her laughter ringing through the air, she wrapped her arms around her father as best she could before placing a quick kiss to his cheek, repeating the same for her mother.

It was probably fate that brought the two together, in the same class, on the same table, in seats next to each other. The boy was quiet and the girl never stopped talking, but when they finished their first day of school that afternoon both were best friends.


Will Schuester loved his life; he was dating the most popular girl in school, had just graduated, got a place in one of the top collage’s and together with his best friend since Kindergarten, Brittany had taken their high school glee club to glory by winning Nationals. So tonight he was going to party, and he was going to party hard, Brittany seemed to have the same idea and when he met her at the party she was already slightly unsteady on her feet. By the time Will was starting to feel tipsy Brittany had moved on to doing body shots of Rachel Berry, who was looking alarmingly turned on when Brittany’s tongue trailed her stomach, unsurprisingly Rachel spent the rest of the night firmly attached to her boyfriend and star quarterback Finn Hudson.

Terry happened along later that night, completely wasted and hell bent on trying to get him into bed and even though he loved her, tonight was supposed to be about getting wasted and Brittany. His best friend, who jumped on his back moments later laughing manically before throwing up on Terry’s lap. Terry looked ill when Brittany danced off without so much as an apology and straight into the arms of some unknown girl who was promptly dragged into a corner for an impromptu drunken make out session. Will watched it all with mild amusement because this was never going to happen again, they were never going to be in a room with this same group of people ever again, nothing was going to be the same, except for Brittany.

At the end of the night Will could barely stand up let alone carry a passed out Brittany, so the task of getting the two of them home fell to Finn and Mike, their fellow glee members and friends. Unfortunately Finn was the only sober one and could do nothing but help support Will as Brittany and Mike sang and danced their way down the street and away from the house. It was Will’s mum and Dad that came to the rescue, extracting Mike and Brittany from the hedge down the street before lifting the two of them inside, Will on the couch and Brittany in Will’s bed leaving Finn to deal with a much more manageable Mike.

When Brittany and Will woke up the next morning neither could remember what happened but both had a strange sense of dread. Will was the first into the kitchen where his Dad and Stepmother sat quietly, cups of coffee half finished on the table and the smell of cooking sausages made him all kinds of queasy. Brittany emerged half an hour later, looking even worse than Will and attached by the hand to Will’s half sister Quinn who looked entirely too happy. Still it was to be expected, because his two year old sister loved Brittany even more than she loved him, and she practically worshiped Will. Breakfast was awkward to say the least, because both Brittany and Will knew that something had happened last night even if they couldn’t remember what and his father seemed to be punishing them by not telling them. Quinn was the only one who seemed oblivious to it as she sat on Brittany’s lap saying a bunch of random words that she had just managed to learn.

The rest of the day was spent collapsed in Will’s room with the door blocked, the curtains closed and a number of buckets scattered around the room. They were laid in a comfortable silence when Brittany shot off the bed and towards the nearest bucket, followed by a fit of laughter from both of them. When the two of them regained consciousness it was the next day and though they both felt much better the putrid smell of the room had them both dashing for fresh air. Thankfully they were home alone, with plenty of time to restore his room to normal.

When his parents returned the two were sat soaking up some sunshine and talking quietly to themselves about the future, because they were fast running out of time. In two day’s Brittany would be leaving for the military, because somebody had caught her without Will and put it into her head that it would be fun. No amount of convincing from Will could change her mind, because she had made a promise and she always kept her promises. It was precisely that fact that prompted Will to make her promise that she’d be there if he ever married Terry, she laughed and agreed on the condition she could be best man. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


It was a strange feeling coming back home after nearly a year of freedom and four boys crammed into a tiny little room, but the anticipation of spending an entire month with Brittany. It was strange how different their lives had become; Brittany had taken to military life and was now involved in a recently rolled out military project known as the judges. An elite police force dedicated to protecting the country and Brittany happened to be the best of them, unsurprising given Brittany’s natural grace and athletic ability. Will for his part is loving college learning Spanish is like second nature for him, and if he never gets to Broadway then he’s going to live in Spain, it’s sort of his new dream.


It’s in the middle of exams when Will’s life starts to fall apart, because some scientist has leaked details of the judge programme and it turns out that their abilities are the result of some sci-fi rubbish. Brittany rings him one night and she’d in tears, can barely make her words out. He doesn’t waste a moment and drives across three states to find Brittany on the floor of her temporary apartment a piece of paper in her hand. As he reads it his heart stops, because Brittany’s one of the enhanced judges and recent legislation has marked her as dangerous, even if she’s the least dangerous person he knows. He demands to know what it means, but Brittany can’t tell him for crying.

Her cries have subsided into sobs when the door flies off its hinges and six heavily armoured men enter, guns trained on the two of them. “Judge Pierce, you are to report to the cryo facility with immediate effect. We will use force if necessary.” Will can’t quite work out what’s going on when he’s forcibly removed from Brittany and she’s carried off through the door the word termination ringing in his ears. He spends the next day crying on the floor shouting for her to come back because she promised.

Its three weeks later when he finds out what happened to her, because he’s spent all of it locked in his old room where promises were made and good times were had. It’s his dad that brings him the news with a sympathetic shoulder and a few tears of his own. Fifty judges, all frozen using the latest cryogenics and another ten killed while trying to escape. There’s a sad sort of mood in the house, and when Quinn finds out she takes it just as hard, it takes a talk from Will and the introduction of a group of pictures of Brittany into the house that things start getting back to normal.


The old banger was the bane of his life, it rarely worked and he had to tape the doors together but there was a special place in his heart for it, even the constant jibes from Quinn and her best friend Santana or the vicious coach of the cheerleaders could convince him to part with it. Parking in his usual spot he climbed out, not bothering to lock the door because a, the locks didn’t work and b, nobody would want to go through the trouble of trying to steal it anyway. His walk through the car park was greeted with jeers and wolf whistles, because really he wasn’t a bad looking guy but his car was a banger and despite teaching Spanish he helmed the highly unpopular glee club. Which despite including the head cheerleader, Quinn and a reluctant Santana was still highly and irreversibly unpopular, quite a change since the days of the Schuester-Pierce-Hudson-Berry-Chang reign.

Brittany was the one thing he was never able to forget and the reason his life was not how he wanted it to be. He was supposed to be living in Spain, or singing his heart out on Broadway, not teaching a bunch of bored kids a language that there only interested in knowing the swear words, not teaching a glee club when he hasn’t sung since Brittany disappeared. He doesn’t hate his life, but he doesn’t like it either.

He’s pleased to see Quinn flourish though, but he’s noticing remarkable similarities to Brittany. There both blonde and now Quinn’s head cheerleader and glee club member and worryingly she’s even talked about joining the army when she’s finished school. Her friendship with Santana is also remarkably similar to his and Brittany’s, sometimes he wonders if she still remembers Brittany on some level enough for her hero worship to subtly influence her decisions. It’s scary really.

It’s almost Christmas and when he see’s Santa sat in the toy department he lines up with the other children, much to the embarrassment of Quinn and Santana, who are already embarrassed enough because there shopping with a teacher. When it’s his turn he sits down on Santa’s lap and asks for his best friend back, when he stands back up he’s positive Quinn’s crying, and there’s a strange look on Santana’s face that makes him think she knows the whole story.
Title: Frailty
Chapter: 10 - Invitation
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Summary: AU Racer!Britt Lawyer!Santana. There’s an awkward silence between the two of them as they try to process their actions, and it’s so easy for them to slip back into their old ways {although this argument is nowhere near the magnitude of the others.}
A/N: Plot not mine. Originally came from brittana.livejournal.com/481869.html. UnBeta'd as always, so appologies for any mistakes..

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Santana’s not quite sure why she’s here {because she’s certain she made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t tempt fate.} But she’s here none the less and in her best dress {it’s a deep red that clings to her in all the right places} that has never failed to help her pull a girl, which is scary because the only girl she can imagine wanting to pull is Brittany and she’s not sure that’s what she wants.

Quinn’s hanging nervously to Finn, casting anxious glances around the room, sort of like she’s searching for someone. Finn hasn’t noticed his wife’s strange behaviour, but with the notable absence of anybody interesting Santana’s been watching Quinn closely. So Santana steals Quinn away from her husband and demands to know what’s going on. Quinn waits till the two of them are away from prying eyes before she breaks down and cries.

Quinn’s story is a long one, but Santana gets the essence of it. Charlotte’s actual father just happens to be one of Brittany’s closest friends, one Noah Puckerman.


Brittany’s spent hours getting ready because she’s never had a party in her honour before and she want’s to look her best. There’s all sorts of butterflies in her stomach and she spends the best part of half an hour trying to figure out how they got in there {because she can’t remember eating them} so instead of putting on her dress she sits at her computer googling ways for butterflies to get into your stomach. She’s no closer to an answer when Puck and Kurt barrel through the door and Artie enters with more decorum. Puck openly oogles Brittany’s choice of dress and even knocks out a few lewd comments and Kurt whisks her to the bedroom before she can even retaliate.

She comes out dressed to the nines, in a black suit like dress and matching top hat and she feels fabulous, as Kurt puts it an absolute lady killer. Puck shoots Kurt a look and Brittany pretends to have no idea what he’s on about, but when they climb into the limo she checks her reflection and hopes that she is.

The party is in full swing when they get there and the butterflies have made a return in Brittany’s stomach. She tries to get back in the limo three times before puck wraps his arm tightly round her and Kurt laces his hand in hers. They enter the room as a foursome, hand in hand to a silent crowd and then a loud cheer. They split up then, Kurt leaning backwards to take Sam’s hand and Puck trying to help get Artie and his wheelchair down the stairs, leaving Brittany to descend the stairs on her own and giving her the perfect view of a very delicious looking Santana {Brittany nearly falls face first down the stairs.}

The first person to greet her is Senor Lopez whose smiling widely and congratulating her on the win, his daughter is nowhere in sight and Brittany’s stomach sinks, but when she’s introduced to the owners of the team she can’t believe that it’s Mike Chang one of her oldest friends and once partner in dance related crime. She’s delighted to meet Mike’s wife because she’s nothing like the type of girl Mike used to go for, but they look so damn happy that Brittany can’t help but want that so damn badly {and she can’t help but wonder if she can be that happy with Santana.} Brittany does the customary rounds but before she knows it Mike’s in front of her, smile on his face and hand extended. She knows what that look means and although neither of them is dancers anymore it’s sort of like breathing to them.

She lets Mike lead her to the dance floor and she relishes how familiar this all is, because after seven years her body never forgets Mike’s, and Mike’s never forgets Brittany. The dance floor clears when they step on it, because it’s well known that Mike’s one of the best dancers ever and if he’s chosen Brittany to dance with it’s going to be something special. Brittany grins and Mike, and Mike smiles back before two familiar voices ring through the air, Rachel Berry and Mercedes Jones one a Broadway legend and the other a chart topping diva. The quick beat spreads through Brittany and suddenly she’s giddy and letting the beat drag her and Mike around the dance floor.

Their quick and smooth and generally spectacular and nobody can keep their eyes from the duo. Santana tries to ignore her, but the way she moves, the way she smiles it all so captivating that she can’t look away and as Mike launches her into the air she can’t deny that she feels something akin to love and maybe she doesn’t want to fight it anymore, she doesn’t want to be scared.

The music finishes and Brittany and Mike are fighting for breath because there both out of shape, but both coming down from the high of dancing with an equal once more. When the next song comes on they both look to each other and Brittany’s eyebrows raise slightly and her lips pull into a smile, before anybody can even comprehend their ability to talk without words Brittany’s spinning once more, and Mike’s pressed back up against her in a dance just as energetic as the last.


Santana’s out on the balcony trying to slow her pulse down, because the way Brittany dances has made her feel things that are far too inappropriate. It’s relatively secluded in her little spot and she’s contemplating trying something to relieve the heat when Brittany stumbles onto the balcony, face flushed and waving her hand frantically to cool herself down. Brittany’s contemplating jumping into the pool below when she notices that she’s not entirely alone, and that not entirely alone is one Santana Lopez.

Santana panics and tries to hide herself behind the lone plant while Brittany loses her train of thought and almost throws herself of the balcony so Santana won’t see her. But Brittany knows Santana’s seen her so she turns around a prays to god that this time there’s no arguing, and Santana hopes that she’s strong enough to be herself.

There’s no arguing, no talking just a need that they both recognise and react to, and before they realise what’s going on Santana’s pressed against the wall, Brittany’s mouth pressed against hers. The sounds of the music are drowned out by the sound of Santana as Brittany brings her to a release, and sends her pulse racing even faster. Brittany pulls her hand from beneath Santana’s dress as she tries to control her breathing {because really she can’t believe what she’s just done} and Santana struggles to keep herself upright {because she’s never felt like this, and now all she wants to do is make Brittany feel the same.}

There’s an awkward silence between the two of them as they try to process their actions, and it’s so easy for them to slip back into their old ways {although this argument is nowhere near the magnitude of the others.} There’s a moment when both are sure that the argument is going to destroy what they could have just created, but then it passes and suddenly Santana’s not so scared anymore and Brittany is more in love with Santana than she’s ever been {it’s laughter that leads to a few more kisses and a certainty that they both want something more.} There’s so much between them that even Brittany knows they need to talk, but for now things are simple and they both just want to enjoy it. Puck breaks the moment with an ill timed lewd comment {and Santana is especially harsh to him because he got her best friend pregnant and he’s effectively cut of valuable kissing time.} But the guy has a point, people will talk when the star of the party goes missing for well above an hour. Brittany apologises and heads for Puck, before Santana jumps forward and grabs her hand.

Santana hopes Brittany knows that walking in hand in hand is Santana’s own little way of showing her commitment to this, to her {Brittany’s always been observant, and from what she knows this is huge for Santana, and maybe Santana feels as much as she does.} Something major changes the moment they step through the balcony doors and the entire guest list knows that Brittany and Santana are maybe official. And even though it’s scary, that fear of rejection, everybody’s smiling and Quinn finally look’s happy. Santana doesn’t wait to hear everybody’s congratulations {because the flush in Brittany’s face is oh so endearing, and there’s only one thing Santana needs right now and she’s stood right next to her shaking everybody’s hand} she whispers in Brittany’s ear and the two promptly leave the party to continue what they started on the balcony. There’s so much to be said, but Santana knows that can wait till tomorrow, tonight there’s feelings to explore.


Frailty : Chapter 10- Invitation

Title: Frailty
Chapter: 10 - Invitation
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Summary: AU Racer!Britt Lawyer!Santana. It has crossed her mind once or twice that what she’s experiencing is actual honest to god love, and then she panics and tries to convince herself otherwise {because she’s certain that Brittany will never love Santana the way she loves her, and it kill’s her.}
A/N: Plot not mine. Originally came from brittana.livejournal.com/481869.html. UnBeta'd as always, so appologies for any mistakes. I promise to correct them when i'm more awake. Short chapter, and were back to the present, before the accident.

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Santana’s been sat in her office for the best part of an hour, and the huge pile of stuff on her desk is actually begging to be completed, but she’s comfy here in Quinn’s chair {and her lips still tingling from her encounter with Brittany.} She’s hiding out because it’s the only place she’s sure Brittany can’t reach her, even if she’s done nothing but think of the blonde in the numerous hours she’s been here.

She can’t think of much right now, but she wants to so badly, she want’s to know why she’s behaving like this, it’s obviously not that Brittany’s a girl {maybe if she were back in high school, where her inability to admit she was gay led to her highly promiscuous behaviour then that could be it, but she’s long since come to terms with it} and so she can only conclude that it’s because Brittany is Brittany {she has no idea what that means, but it’s the only explanation that makes sense.}

It has crossed her mind once or twice that what she’s experiencing is actual honest to god love, and then she panics and tries to convince herself otherwise {because she’s certain that Brittany will never love Santana the way she loves her, and it kill’s her.} She resigns herself to the familiarity of containing her feelings and moves to the familiarity of her own desk just in time for the phone to ring with an invitation to her father’s congratulatory party in Brittany’s honour {Santana won’t be attending.}

Brittany’s not handling things any better, it stung to watch Santana run away from her and it stings to think that maybe Santana doesn’t believe in a person’s ability to love anybody {Brittany doesn’t really believe in it, loving everyone has always been easy for her irrespective of gender, race, religion or other, and she can’t quite believe that lots of people can’t see that simple fact.} She want’s Santana to love her and she’s not sure how she feels about that, because Brittany loves everyone except sometimes Santana.

Puck’s the one that comes to her rescue, because she’s been thinking too hard for too long {she’s not acting like Brittany and it’s worrying him because his plan failed and now his friend his hurting because of it.} He doesn’t know how to take her mind off of Santana, so he takes her to the local street race where they can both just drive because at the end of the day driving is the one thing they can always count on {and the aggression and excitement of street races is the only cure for everything.} And it works; sort of, because while they’re there Brittany thinks of nothing but the thrills and the occasional scantily clad woman draped over the vehicles belonging to the ripped drivers who don’t believe in wearing shirts. It’s only when there disbanding and the two are leaving with more cash than they’ve ever had that Brittany finds herself thinking of Santana and a way to find a middle ground, because even if Santana couldn’t love her maybe they could be the best sort of friends.

When she’s back in her run down, sorry little excuse for a flat and Puck’s taken his place on the couch with a cold beer does she check her messages, and along with her own bottle of beer and a couple of glasses of whisky she receives an invitation to a party in her honour. She’s never had a party in her honour before and she can’t wait to go, it’s much later and she’s half asleep when she realises Santana will be there too, and she drifts of to sleep with a satisfied smile on her face and a silent promise that by the time the party ends, she’s going to figure out how to be friends with that Latina, or if she can manage it, straight into her heart.



Title: Exceptional
Word Count: 3504
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Summary:Mutant's Ahoy. Some people are special, some are smarter than other, some are good athletes and some have a gene that gives them power, and those are the really special people, those are the mutants.

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Frailty : Chapter 9B- Interlude {Santana}

Title: Frailty
Chapter: 9B - Interlude {Santana}
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Summary: AU Racer!Britt Lawyer!Santana. Essentially the case is easy, but when she finishes reading she’s almost hyperventilating, because what if Brittany went the same way, what if in two weeks she was defending the bloody driver that had rammed into Brittany.
A/N: Plot not mine. Originally came from brittana.livejournal.com/481869.html. This chapter is dedicated to vsaint77 who gave me both the plot and the idea for this chapter. Also big thanks to those who've taken the time to leave a review. Much appreciated.

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She sits in the barley illuminated room, and for the third time in two days she finds tears streaming down her face and ruining her carefully applied makeup {done by Quinn so she would look at least vaguely human, and not as Finn had put it, like a Zombie.} Her work was the one thing she could claim to love more than anything else, she loved the money, the status and of course the attention {being one of the top lawyers ensured that people were always in awe of her}. Or it was before Brittany came along, because she loved Brittany so much that it hurt, so much that without her she had nothing. It hurt Santana to think about Brittany while sat at work, because it was Santana’s work that effectively drove them apart, all because she couldn’t admit that Brittany meant more to her than all of the attention and all of the money her job could ever give her.

It’s almost dawn before she finds herself calm enough to pick up the bright red folder with urgent written in big bold capitals. She snorts at the word urgent because with Brittany in the hospital her perspective has changes and getting a quick conviction, or preventing a similarly quick conviction was hardly urgent, for Santana Brittany opening her eyes and saying anything was urgent, the idiot in her file not so much. Still she resigned herself to the fact that it was her job, and in the context of her job it might have been urgent

At first glance Santana recognised it as your basic death by dangerous driving case, not something she would call urgent by any standards until she saw the date of the hearing and the potential billions this one case would bring in. Letting out a low whistle her next port of call was the facts, the defendant was a drunk driver who had effectively rammed another car and forced it to flip over. The driver of the other car suffered numerous injuries that made Santana’s blood run cold, Fractures of the skull, brain trauma, numerous broken bones, in a coma for two weeks before he died. If Brittany’s accident had been a report it would have read word for word like this one, the only difference being Brittany had only been in her Coma three days {still the chances of her dying seemed more and more likely the further Santana read the case file.}

The case itself was full of holes, and any half decent lawyer could probably secure a non conviction, because really there was no proof that he was driving, and his alibi that night was pretty solid. In fact if Santana had not seen his interview with one of firms other lawyers {where he admitted his guilt outright} even she would have trouble obtaining a conviction. Essentially the case is easy, but when she finishes reading she’s almost hyperventilating, because what if Brittany went the same way, what if in two weeks she was defending the bloody driver that had rammed into Brittany. She couldn’t do it, she couldn’t defend the guy when all she wanted to do was go all Lima heights on him and cause some serious damage because maybe it would make her feel just a little better.

She throws the file on the floor and with a strength she never knew she possessed throws her heavy oak desk over onto its side before collapsing on the pile of papers and pens because for one second he let herself really feel. Then she looks around and instead of crying she laughs at the absolute irony of being back here, in the exact same position as when she ran away from their first kiss. Santana thinks it pretty amazing that no matter how much she’s changed, become more open and honest and loving, she’s still fundamentally the same, seeking refuge in her work hidden behind a desk tipped in a moment of anger. Her laugh is bitter and hoarse, and when it subsides into sobs she tilts her head towards the ceiling and begs and screams for Brittany to come back until her voice can take it no more and her screams are continued in an almost silence.


Frailty : Chapter 9A- Interlude {Brittany}

Title: Frailty
Chapter: 9A - Interlude {Brittany}
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittana
Summary: AU Racer!Britt Lawyer!Santana. She hears Santana voice sometimes too, there are no words just a soothing stream of random sounds that give Brittany a little hope that maybe she does still care.
A/N: Plot not mine. Originally came from brittana.livejournal.com/481869.html. This chapter is dedicated to vsaint77 who gave me both the plot and the idea for this chapter. Also big thanks to those who've taken the time to leave a review. Much appreciated.

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It’s dark and cold and there’s pretty much nothing else. It’s unnerving to Brittany and she wonders if this is what death is, an eternity of nothing but empty thoughts. She thinks it’s sort of like sleeping, only your conscious with no way of waking up and so she’s sort of sad that there’s no heaven {or that she hadn’t been allowed in} and for her there would be no clouds or bunnies and flying lessons.

She’s more than aware her life had been all too short, after all twenty five year is no time at all and there are only three things that made that life worthwhile {only it’s painful to think of both Santana and racing, because in some small way they were both responsible for her fate.} So she forces herself to think of Puck, Kurt and Artie and a friendship that it literally took death to break. She’s not sure how long she’s been like this {she’s never been very good at time, and just when she was getting the hang of it she landed in this place where she’s not certain there is any sort of time} but she misses the three of them so much, and if she had some sort of body she’d probably cry. She hears them sometimes, asking her to wake up, demanding that she say something and sometimes Puck even whispers I love you {in like a totally friendly way} and for a brief second it’s light and warm, but it never lasts long.

It’s in those seconds that she allows herself to think that maybe this isn’t the afterlife, maybe this is Limbo, somewhere in between until she makes her choice, and when it gets warm she reaches for the light. She’s still trapped in this hell.

She hears Santana voice sometimes too, there are no words just a soothing stream of random sounds that give Brittany a little hope that maybe she does still care. There’s no light when Santana speaks but Brittany finds herself reaching anyway, she thinks that if Santana could make it warm and light she’d be able to go home.